Building Castles of Our Own

This morning is a good one. I’m taking advantage of feeling human by studying, writing, and playing with Bella. It’s these kinds of mornings that give me a little reminder of how much my thoughts and frame of mind are affected by feeling sick all the time. It’s also a reminder that if I can hang on, I won’t feel the same forever.

Building Castles

I don’t know if anyone else does this, but when I feel sick for more than a day I start to irrationally think, “This is it. I’m going to be like this forever, nothing will ever get done, I’m always going to order fast food for us, let the house go and THIS IS THE END.”

Then I feel better and realize that’s not at all the case.

A couple of you offered up suggestions about letting school work go/taking a break for a while. I can totally understand how that looks like the best option when you’re reading how miserable I am!  Two things about that though:

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First Tri Thoughts


I’m here! I’ve just been really, really nauseated. I can’t say it’s as bad as my other pregnancies because eating does help, but only if I eat almost constantly and never let my stomach get empty. Ever.


Which really does a number on how I try to cope with inevitable weight gain.

Yes, even after all that’s happened, I still do think about the weight gain with this pregnancy.

So while I’m not throwing up, I do feel sick all day long. It’s awful. I’m miserable and trying to keep on top of school work and life – so I haven’t written here much for two reasons. One, I don’t have time. Two, being sick triggers a lot of depressive feelings in me, and I know everyone wants so badly to hear happy updates – [Read more…]

Little Updates

I’m in the middle of week 5 of school.

It’s going well. I’m expecting to be finished the end of this year or at the very latest the first term of next. I really, really like it so far and can’t wait to get into their Master’s Program. A licensed therapist one day – I hold onto that thought when balancing all of this gets a bit much.

I’m 8 weeks pregnant.

So far – morning sickness has been reasonable. Some days it’s worse than others (today is one), but it’s shocking to me that I am this far and can manage most days. I remember with Bella I’d have to pull over to the side of the road to throw up on my way to work. With the twins – well – with the twins I just wanted to die. I was so sick with them. And with Kaden – I just took the meds from 6 weeks on. I’d hoped it wouldn’t be as bad but I once I started throwing up, I couldn’t stop.

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One Day…

The receptionist peers over her desk at us, Bella heading into her hourly care class so I can get some work done at home.

“Does she have an older brother or sister?”

I shake my head.

“Just her?”

“Yes,” I say tightly, wanting to conversation to stop here. It won’t. I just know it. I brace myself for whatever bit of ignorance is coming next.

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Three Cats, One House, and the Search for the Perfect Litter

Remember that book Everybody Poops? That includes cats. When you have three cats, you:

  1. Become the crazy cat people
  2. Really know more than you should about cat poo

For us, cat litter has always been one of the purchases that leaves us high-fiving or cringing. In our twelve years of owning cats, we’ve had some litter try-outs go terribly wrong. Cat's Pride-2 There was the litter box that scooped automatically – which our cats refused to use after it started scooping while they were inside. The box with a swing door that became stuck, and we didn’t realize it until our couch smelled awful. The litter that stuck to the cat’s paws, and they spent the rest of the day shaking it off all over the house. Then the litter that, in a few hours, stunk up the entire house because it was scented. Cat's Pride Our oldest cat, Jynx, is highly particular about his litter box. He’s like the little old man that takes a crossword puzzle and newspaper into the bathroom and spends all morning there. Jynx loves his litter – to the point where we have to shut him out of the room while we clean their boxes because he’ll try to get in as soon as it’s poured. He spends time scratching, pawing, going in and out of the box. Cat’s Pride® has a new litter – Fresh & Light® Ultimate Care™ – that fulfills all the things you’d look for in a cat litter. It’s light, no more strained backs hauling 40lbs of litter from the car. Instead of using fillers to change the weight (like paper or wood chips), Fresh & Light Ultimate Care uses a high absorbing clay. Ultimate Care is 99.9% dust free, which makes it easier to pour and scoop. It also is has a Unscented Hypoallergenic formulation (we tried this one). So with three cats, we decided to take a 3-day odor control challenge instead of a full 10-day challenge. Within 2-4 days of buying a litter, we know if it’s going to be a keeper. Fresh & Light Ultimate Care passed the test. If you’re looking for:

  • lightweight
  • long lasting odor control
  • no fillers
  • minimal dust

… then take the Cat’s Pride 10-day odor control challenge and see if it works for both you and your cats.

What’s the most important quality for you and your cat when it comes to choosing a litter?
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