New Routines

Today I sat down and ordered the textbooks for my classes.

10. 10 books.

Thankfully they’re mostly on subjects I’m fascinated by (this semester – it’ll be a different story come statistics). Psych 101, Biblical Studies, Apologetics – my heart pitter patters with these. Some of the books however, like the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, well, I’m hoping that one gets minimal use. Even the title is boring.

I start school on the 9th of next month, and right now it looks like I’ll have about a year and a half until I’m finished – because of the credits Liberty was able to accept. Not too bad considering I’m switching degrees.

In the meantime, I’m juggling what is sure to become an even busier schedule.

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The Big News

I have 11 cartons of Girl Scout cookies in my car.

Oh, wait. Sorry. Day 22 of Whole30 and sugar is still my #1 kicker on this.

So that’s not the big news at all (in fact those cookies are to sell). It has to do with Zimbabwe, me, the boys, these past nearly 3 years, and my therapist.

Like some kind of a random riddle.

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My Word {2015}

I love words. I love picking one that I hope will define my thinking for the year – turning me back over and over to where I was moving on from the past year into one full of hope.

So this year, I picked a word with a meaning where I’ve been both struggling and making a part of my daily life.

My Word 2015

This is the Hebrew text, written in my dad’s handwriting. He knows Hebrew (and Greek) so I asked him to write it for me. I’m planning on having it tattooed somewhere small. (Person who anonymously wrote me that tattoos are wrong- duly noted. I am getting another one. That’ll make 6 wrongs.)

I love, love, love the Hebrew version of this word. Here’s what this one means:

Wait: qavah (kaw-vaw)

to wait, look for, hope, expect (probably originally twist, stretch, then of tension of enduring, waiting: Assyrian ‡ûû II, I. wait, ‡û, cord; Arabic be strong, strength, also strand of rope; Syriac endure, remain, await, threads, so ᵑ7 קַוִּין spider’s threads, web)

sources: and

Often this past year I’ve felt myself rushing to be done with something or to move onto the next thing. I’ve found that 99.99% of my life is waiting. And most of us try to wait with a vengeance if we’re aware of it. Like – I almost try to control my wait time. “I’m going to WAIT PATIENTLY LORD. I’m stiiiiillll waiting.” Really that’s still us trying to do it “right” or in a way that hurries God up.

I don’t know exactly how else to wait, but I do know that if my life is made up of mostly this time period, it should involve me handing it to God. He should be in charge of how I wait, the lessons I learn (or don’t), and the things that happen.

Sometimes waiting leads to an open door.

Sometimes waiting is simply sitting in front of a closed door for much longer than any of us are comfortable with.

I’m searching out waiting this year. Asking God to open my eyes to my life as waiting.

I’d love to hear your word if you picked one.

The Whole30 Bandwagon (prepare for everyone being SUPER excited and a little cranky. And tired.)

Yep, this year I decided to do Whole30. Basically Whole30 in a nutshell is this:

… a nutritional reset designed to help you discover if the foods you are eating are making you more or less healthy, and how they are impacting your life overall. – Loubies and Lulu

30 days. Whole food. No sugar (- fruit).

Lots of cooking, and a lot of reading ingredients.

I’m on day 5, and I’d braced myself for how horrible this was going to be. Really though, it’s been pretty smooth sailing. I spent all afternoon on New Years Day prepping food, and we’ve had healthy variations on meals we love that might even be better than how we used to eat them.

Sam’s also doing this with me so it helps tremendously to keep me motivated.

Whole30 Meal Ideas and Essentials

Baked Eggs in Avocado Nests

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2015 Resolution: Change Someone Else’s Life

I thought this song by the amazing Kari Jobe was perfect to go with this post. 

So this year I decided to actually make some resolutions since the past 3 years I haven’t really done any. As I was thinking them through, I felt a little nagging voice asking, “Changing your world is great. It is. How about including others in this too?”

Y’all – what if we changed someone else’s life too this year? What if we looked back in December and could see the impact we made in a life or lives we didn’t even know existed before this day?

World Vision Child Sponsorship 4

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