Embracing Anger: My Influence Class Giveaway

Embracing Anger

Thursday evening  April 17th from 9 – 10pm EST I’ll be speaking online for Influence about anger and our faith.

I chose this topic because it’s so near to my heart. I don’t have all the answers, I’ve made some pretty huge mistakes in anger the past two years, and I still struggle with it daily. But what I’ve learned through alcoholism, marriage, military, and loss is that anger is part of life. It’s part of who we are – our human nature.

We can pretend our way through life as one big happy road, or we can be realistic and learn to embrace times when anger is the forefront of our emotions – even drawing us nearer to Christ.

Yes, there are times anger isn’t righteous. But there are times it is. And I think as Christians, we tend to get our feathers ruffled over any type of visible anger in someone. This isn’t biblical and it certainly isn’t helpful. I can’t understand why we are told to suppress this powerful emotion so often instead of  learning how to deal with it in a honest way.

So I’m going to talk on what I’ve learned from 2 years of therapy, the boys, and my own experiences in all of this. I hope you’ll join me, if you can’t make it you can still sign up and have the recording emailed to you after.

I’m giving away one slot to the class to one of you. Simply leave a comment below to enter. 

Winner will be chosen tomorrow morning and emailed the link to join us.


Embracing Anger as Part of our Faith 


The Price of Love

It’s 11:30am here. We’re all on the couch, Jynx curled up on Bella’s lap as she plays with her animals. Sam is playing SkyRim. On Saturdays I usually get up before him to tidy up the house, so now it’s rather clean and I’m pleased.

We had a very, very hard therapy session yesterday. Sam goes with me each Friday and we have art therapy together. At first I thought it was going to be pretty dumb – would I be drawing pictures of sad faces and having them interpret colors? But the more we get into this, the more challenging it is. It’s not about the process so much as it makes us use an entirely different part of our brain. I usually end up crying about things that I thought I was pretty much over, or remembering parts of the past two years I haven’t thought of in forever.

It’s not magic or anything. In fact it’s pretty incredible how our brains are designed. I’m even more awed by our perfect creation through this.

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On May and the Boys

May is weighing on me. May 3rd is the 2nd anniversary of Preston and Julian’s birth and death. It doesn’t seem possible that was two years ago and I’m sitting here with another baby gone. My greatest fear happened – again.

May 5th will be Kaden’s 9 month birthday.

May is filled with birthdays and Mother’s Day for our family. It’s also supposed to the the month Sam is gone for. Although we have no idea if that will happen.

I want to do something special on the 3rd for the boys – and I want to skip it completely. I started to pull up memories of them last night, laying in bed and thinking about how it felt to see them, hold them, marvel at how tiny they were and how human they were.

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Brain Dump

You know, there are weeks around here that nothing happens. We get into this lull and I almost start to wonder, “Is this it? Nothing exciting will ever happen again?”

I tend to be very realistic in my thinking – obviously.

Then weeks happen like these past 2ish – where all the things happen at one time and I’m left thinking, “I haven’t blogged in a week and now I have so much to write about and WHERE DO I BEGIN?”

So I’ll just begin:

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Lily Jade Giveaway!

Lily Jade Giveaway

Dare I say more?

Do I need to?

I’m partnering up with Lily Jade bags to give one of you their designer diaper bag. Your style, your color.

I wrote on their bags last month. I have the Caroline, so perfect for everything that I take with me. My camera, Bella’s toys and books, snacks, first aid kit, etc. It has so many pockets that I could hold just about anything in there.

Here’s a look at just two of the colors and styes to pick from:


I love that this bag also becomes a cross carry with the snap-on of a longer strap (included).

Lily Jade Designer Bag Giveaway

Photo courtesy of LilyJade.com


This sweet little number doubles as a backpack.

Lily Jade Designer Bag Giveaway

Photo courtesy of LilyJade.com

Baby Bag:

This comes with each bag, but can be purchased separately for a large tote that needs some storage. Look at all those pockets!

Lily Jade Designer Bag Giveaway

Photo courtesy of LilyJade.com

Ready to win one? It’s open worldwide! Good luck!

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Lily Jade Bag Review

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