27 weeks

27 weeks

Today I suddenly realized that if I make it to the weeks I had Bella and Kaden, I have 10 weeks left with this pregnancy. 10. Of course, even though I'm already giant and wondering how I'll make 10 more without my leg falling off (yep, hip pain again), I would love to get to full full term … [Read more...]

Jean Ralphio The Worst

Piano and Periscope

We signed Bella up for piano lessons this week. A beginner course with two other little girls her age. It's simply the cutest thing ever to see her sit at a piano, ankles crossed and swinging, hands poised over the keys as she listens to her teacher. "Bing, bing, one, two!" It's a 4 day … [Read more...]


On Birthdays & Birth Days

I've been in a terrible mood lately. I can't place my finger exactly on what it is. Maybe a little of everything. I think it has to do with my birthday and Kaden's birthday coming up. I never dreaded my birthday until last year, and then I just wanted it to be over. I turned off the date on FB so … [Read more...]