Sending the hubby out in style

January 20, 2010

Or not. I sent Sam off to work today with a kiss. I had also been vomited on, and it was still stuck in my hair. I had mismatched pj’s on, my face is breaking out (thank you hormones), I smell like breastmilk (gag), and my hair looks like a bird found a perfect place to nest.

So, while dealing with Bella crying, I look over at him getting ready for work and say, “You’re welcome.” He looks at me confused. “What?”

“You’re welcome,” I repeated, gesturing to myself. “For looking incredible this morning. I know you didn’t say anything, but you have to be thinking to yourself how hot I look right now. It’s not easy to look like this at 11 am. So you’re welcome.”

The look on his face was priceless. It was that look of, “Do I say she looks beautiful no matter what or agree with what she’s implying and say she looks like crap but it’s ok?” So he wisely smiled, kissed me and said nothing.

True love. 🙂

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