Things that are weird.

January 30, 2010

First of all, I can never remember how to spell weird. I always put an “i” first and then I have to google it to check and see. And it’s always wrong.

I have some serious OCD tendencies. Really. I don’t know if anyone else (read: normal people) does stuff like this, because whenever I mention any of it, I get looked at like I have an extra eye. Or a third nipple. (Think about a bra for that…)

I like things to be neat and orderly – we’ve already established that one in another post. But that doesn’t apply just to my house – I also like my email inbox to be tidy. So once, maybe twice a day I clean it. I have folders ranging from “Saved” to “For Later”. I delete a “Your item has shipped” email as soon as I get the item. And until I get it, I look at it in my inbox every day with a sense of urgency to delete it. It serves no purpose, therefore it should not still be there. And yet, I must keep it in case the item doesn’t arrive. It’s really a no win situation.

I also clean out my “Sent” folder. Isn’t that odd? Who cares, they just sit there… I can’t handle the fact that’s it’s full of old emails that, once again, serve no purpose.

You’re probably seeing a pattern here. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, I get rid of it. Thank the Lord my husband can cook.

In my house, I have to check the toilet roll holder. This holds 3 rolls on top of each other. It bothers me SO much that the last roll rarely gets used. Because when two are gone, Sam or I usually put another two on top. Leaving that third one sitting there. At the bottom. Unused. Again. I think about everytime I’m in there. So I have to take them all out and put the third one on top. Like a grocery store stocks things that expire.

Just writing this makes me wonder if I’m completely sane. Probably not. It’s the little quirks that make us who we are though. Mine just freak everyone out.

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