I need YOU – Closed!

February 26, 2010

   I have some fun news – I’m getting a new blog design! And I can’t wait. I had a bad case of the “gimmies” (Berenstain Bears anyone?) while several of my fellow bloggers had their sites updated, so I did mine too. You’re going to love it. I’ll do a whole post on the designer once it’s up and running.

   But now I need your help. I have to choose a picture for the heading. I really don’t know which pic to choose, so I’m going to let you all pick. Lurkers – this is your chance to participate in this blog without anyone ever knowing. 😉

   The pics are below. I’ve numbered them, and a poll is on the right top of the page. You can choose more than one. My heading will be green and have flowers/leaves/etc. Please look at the pics, choose one or a few that best matches my style of writing, and the phrase “Hormonal Imbalances” and vote in the poll for your favorite. Feel free to leave a comment telling me why you think the one you chose it best, I would love to hear it. And yes, you can leave comments anonymously. It’s only open till tomorrow morning so get clickin’!

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