I’ve got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy…

February 23, 2010

in my garage – well, out on the curb now.

   That’s right – drink that feeling of awe in. As described in another post, this is akin to someone telling me I won the lottery. I managed to do this yesterday with Bella in the Moby sleeping and Sam out of the house. It took me (drumroll) 15 minutes. Yep. When it comes to clutter busting, I don’t mess around. We came home from buying a new couch, I took one look at the house and said, “I hate living with all this crap. I’m cleaning.” Sam promptly found errands to do and left me to my 15 minutes of bliss.

   I was in heaven. Look at all the things we never used. Really. These are bags full of stuff shoved in the closet, drawers, cupboards, closets that we haven’t looked at since we moved. Before you freak out at the anti eco-friendliness of this – most of these things were broken and/or completely unusable. Some were taken to consignment/donation stores.

   I bet the trash people really hated me this morning. Big tip at Christmas this year.

(Don’t worry, I’m working on another Terrible Tuesday – Nanny Daze post. And it’s going to blow your mind. 😉 So check back later.)
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