A (picture filled) day in my life

March 22, 2010

I thought I’d write about a day in my life. I know one day I’ll look back at this post and think, “Oh I remember that!” I also have a lot of (real life and internet) people ask what I do all day. I don’t take it as “Do you do anything?” I take it as curiousity as to what fills up my time with an infant. So here’s my days – for the most part.

Typically, the days Sam works, I get up around 9am with Bella. I’m sorry, that sounds as if my child sleeps until 9. I meant to say the “I’m not going back to sleep” screams stop at 9am, when we all roll out of the bed I’ve only dreamed of sleeping in for the past 4 months. I wake up and nurse her, and then she lays on the covers and we play – raspberries, tickles, she coos at our ceiling fan, and I change her. This is interrupted by barfing, over and over until she finally lets out a good burp.
Daddy gets ready for work as I clean the barf of myself and the bed. If we have enough time, he watches her so I can take a shower. Otherwise, I usually get up and start my day when he leaves. Once Bella is dressed, we head out into the living room for her to be on her playmat. I take 10-15 minutes as she grabs and bats at her toys to clean up the kitchen. (This is a must. My day starts with a clean kitchen. End of story.) By this time she is usually ready to nurse again, so I swaddle her, nurse her, burp/catch barf, and put her in her swing. In goes the paci, over goes the little blanket, on goes the music, and the swing starts. Lately she takes about 10 minutes to play with the paci and yell in delight at the mobile above her. She also blows bubbles all over her face. Finally she gets fussy, I put the paci back in, and she passes out.
For this first nap, I start the dishwasher, sort the laundry to be washed, make the bed, sweep the floor, feed the kitties, clean up the living room, and then head off to take a shower. There is a monitor in the bathroom so I can hear if she wakes up.
She usually naps 2-3 hours in the morning. After I’m dressed, I take the rest of her nap time (45 min – an hour) to make some tea, fix breakfast – or lunch at that point – and sit down to check my email, write everyone back, tweet, and try to make rounds on other blogs I follow. I usually get through about 2 posts and comments and she’s up, big smiles from the swing as her eyes focus in on me. She looks like a little pink cocoon in her swaddle when I take her out. Then for some reason, no matter how much she wants to be unswaddled, she cries when I start to, and as soon as her arms are free she throws them back behind her head and arches her back to stretch. It is so cute.
By this time it’s around 1:30/2. I nurse her again, another round of barf which by this time means a change of clothes, and we play for a little while on her changing table. It’s up high so we can be face to face, she loves that and takes advantage of being able to grab a fistful of hair and laugh. I don’t need any more hair loss, so I try to untangle it and give her something else. 🙂 I’ll put her in the Jumperoo for a while, and she spins things and bangs and barfs, and I sit next to her and usually finish up online, then we play hide and seek. I duck under the Jumperoo and lunge back out with a big smile and she giggles.
After she’s done with that, I take her with me to finish laundry. She goes down for another short nap, and after she wakes up and nurses (yep, and barfs so another clothes change). Then she lays on a blanket for some tummy time and to see if she can flip over yet – almost! – and I fold laundry while she watches.  She rides on my hip as I get dinner ready, and then takes another nap – 1 1/2 – 2 hours. I catch up on phone calls to my family, finish cleaning, and try to start on a blog. Sam comes home around the time she wakes up. Dinner and then Daddy gives her a bath (or as we call it – taking a tub). She’s dried, diapered, swaddled and I take her into our room.
We have a white noise CD that makes a whooshing noise she loves, and I nurse and rock her until she’s just about asleep. Sometimes she’s mad, so she works herself up until she barfs and it blows out the sides of her paci. That’s when I get a little sick inside. Usually she’s pretty good about bedtime. She goes in her pack ‘n play next to my side of the bed, and the monkey bat hybrid goes next to her.
After she’s asleep, I come back out and cuddle with Sam, or if he’s watching the SyFy channel, I blog/email/tweet. ‘Cause I hate SyFy. A lot.
Every once in a while I go in to check on her. Then right before we’re ready for bed, she’ll wake up and we have to do the “rock till she drops” thing again. Then during the night, she’s up every 1-2 hours. I have no idea why. We’re working on it but it’s pretty awful. She doesn’t just wake up; she fusses and cries and screams. Putting in the paci makes her angrier because she knows paci = no boob. But since at this point I’ve just nursed her, I’m trying to get her to learn how to fall asleep without having to be fed everytime.  By 4am I’m so tired I can barely hear her anymore. I just rock her and fall asleep, then jerk awake afraid I dropped her (I’m in bed so she wouldn’t go far but still) and pray very hard as I lay her back down that she will sleep longer than 45 minutes. Sometimes I just won’t go back to bed because it’s worse to be woken up again out of a coma sleep than just to be half awake for the next round.
We have to be doing something wrong for her to be up so often, but I don’t know what. Her daytime routine is pretty set, so why the night is so all over the place is beyond me. She’s never slept more than 2 hours at night for over 2 months. :/ Yeah.
So that’s our day. I really love being at home with her, although it does get pretty lonely. But we have a lot of fun. When the weather is good, we head down to my parents once a week, and I take her out in the stroller for walks. Sam and I take her out when he has days off. We’re planning some trips to the zoo, museums, and aquariums once it gets a little nicer out. It’s still snowing here.
As I write this, it’s 11pm. And this is what is peeking up at me with the monkey paci in her mouth:

I might be tired, but never tired of that little face.

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