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March 26, 2010

Haha, it’s been stuck in my head all evening. King and I. Rrrr. Now it’s never going away. Anyway, you asked, I answered. Please to enjoy:

Don’t miss my Featured Blogger today, Tiffany from Feels Like Home who did an incredible interview and included pics! She promised she would guest post so hopefully next week you’ll get another dose of her awesomeness.

Questions from some readers:

1. What is the one thing you would add to your life if you could add anything. You know, if money, time, education, etc. was no object, what would you say “Yes. I’ll take that in my day, too.”
Unlimited ability to travel. I loved seeing other parts of the world, how different cultures live. It blows my mind to think there are billions of lives being lived right now that I know nothing about, or have gotten a very small glimpse into. Just because I leave doesn’t mean they stop. I would love to just be able to pack up and go – to help in third world countries and to visit any place that came to mind.

2. Since you have a daughter I want to know how you’ll deal with her wanting birth control/condoms…when she’s in high school. What will you do? How will you approach that subject?
I asked Sam this first. The look on his face was a mix of horror and shock. I guess he figured we’d never go down that road. 🙂 I’d like to think that we’d do a good enough job of raising Bella that she would know in high school that sex isn’t a great choice. In a perfect world, I’d love for her to wait until she’s married. However, I’m pretty realistic. I wouldn’t be happy about her asking, but I think my reaction would depend on the situation. I’d rather help her make a responsible choice than to go through a life changing pregnancy and having a child that young.

3. Did you stress out about choosing Bella’s name or was it easy? And how did you come up with the name you did?
It was fairly simple – I’ve always loved the name Bella and used to name all of my “main character” Barbies. Sam is pretty laid back and he liked it too. Besides that, he’s Italian and it means “beautiful” so it fit with his family background as well. There was a point where I thought about changing it, but as soon as we knew we were having a girl, Bella it was.

4. What’s your favorite band/singer?
Ok, here’s the thing. In my car, I can still happily rock out to Britney and the Spice Girls. However, I really, really love Andrea Bocelli, the blind Italian singer. Something about his voice gives me goosebumps. And Kelly Clarkson. I know it wasn’t just one, but those are hard to pick!

5. What’s your favorite thing to do for “mommy time?”
Ah mommy time. I’m sorry, what’s that again? 🙂 Really, I love to blog. I like to take time to write, tweet, and read posts on my faves. I also like to read a good biography at night when Bella is asleep.

6.Name any place in the world you would like to visit. Would you take your princess with you or just you and the man!?
Oh, I would love to go to Italy. I’ve always wanted to. I also would like to go back to India again. But that’s another (coming soon) post.

 7. Tell us about your best friend. Hubby? Friend??
Guy – my husband. Since high school. He’s been my rock, my crush, and my partner through it all.
Girl – My bestie that lives about 2 1/2 hours away from me. We have a cool story – we met in 1st grade, and lived down the road from each other in New Jersey – where I was born. Yep, I’m an East Coast girl. I lived there for 3 years and she was my best friend, then my family moved. I didn’t see her again for 16 years. Suddenly one day she contacted my family and said her and her husband had moved to a city north of us and wanted to come visit. I remember waiting in church to see her again, I was so nervous. One of the last times I had ever seen her was when I was 8 – in church together. We ended up being pregnant at the same time together – just a few weeks apart. I wish we lived closer but for now we make do with visits about once a month.

8. What is your favorite time of day?

Dusk. I love when the sunsets here – we live at the base of a mountain so it’s breathtaking to watch everything get still and hazy, and the clouds look like they burst into flames.

9. And what do you love most about being a mom?
I love the freedom to raise my child how I want, and to love Bella with my whole heart. When I was a nanny, I really loved the kids I cared for with my long term families, but part of me always knew I was leaving. It was hard to get totally attached.
10. How many more children do you want, and when would you like to have them??
I’d like 2 more of my own, and 1-2 more adopted. I’ve always wanted to adopt, we actually were on the verge of paying a company to help us when we got pregnant with Bella. We knew we could have kids, we just wanted to adopt first. I’d like to space my next one about 18 months to 2 years until we try again. I really don’t think I can do two under 2. But two under 2 1/2 or 3 would be fine. 🙂

11. Is it something you will plan in advance, or will you just let it happen??
I’m a planner. We waited 6 years on purpose to start trying with Bella. Unless the good Lord sees fit for me to have another any sooner (and make an unhappy customer lol), it’ll be next summer or fall before we even talk about trying again.

12. Why is your blog called Hormonal Imbalances? How did you come up with it???
I started this while I was pregnant, and I heard so much about your hormones being out of whack that it just hit me to call it Hormonal Imbalances. I’m sad that I deleted my pregnancy posts though, at the time I just wanted to start this fresh but it would have been fun to look back on now.

13. What is one thing that we would be SHOCKED to know about you?
This one made me think for days. I have thought about it constantly. Because you used all caps, it made it even more important that this be a like an earth shattering announcement. So here it is – lose me followers as it may. But try to hear me out – *sigh* I hate ice cream. Mostly vanilla, but pretty much any kind I’m just not a fan of.

14. What is your greatest strength (in any aspect of your life)?
Probably my practicality. It also can be one of my weaknesses. It comes in the form of being realistic, being sarcastic, and dealing with things the way they are. I can’t see things through rose colored glasses. It saves me a lot of heartache and stress, but it can also be a bit of a downer for others who really do see the glass half full all the time. Really positive people annoy me. There’s a time and a place for that – like your wedding or when you find an abandoned kitty and take it home.

15. I know Bella has a lovey, the monkey bat thing. But did you when you were a kid? Do you still have it?
Oh my. Ok. Yes. I have D-Duck. I’ve had it since before I was born. It’s been resewed (I used to rub it against my nose and suck my thumb to go to sleep) repainted (I wore the paint off the eyeballs) and sent across the country (I left it at a hotel and basically went into a coma until I had it back). And funny thing – he’s actually a chicken. I guess when I named him I didn’t care.
16. What are you afraid of, and is there a reason why? Have you ever done anything to try to overcome it??
I’m afraid of spiders, and the drains in pools, tubs, sinks – you name it. If it has an (underwater) drain, I’m not getting near it. To this day I can’t even think about getting in a pool with a drain. It stems from me watching a Ghostbusters show when I was little and an octopus came out of the drain. That was it for me! I’ve never done anything to try to overcome it because I know that means I have to get close to a spider or drain.

17. So I’m curious – if you could be any blogger(s) for a day, who would it/they be?
Oh, this one made me think. Because there could be any number of reasons I’d be someone. One of them would be Law Momma, because I always wanted to be a lawyer. So it would be fun to walk in her (very nice) shoes for a day. I’d also clean her house up real nice so when she was back to being her, she’d be all, “Sweet, I was amazing yesterday!” Another would be Metta, so I could peek in her life, steal all her good ideas (since I’d have her brain and all) and give her adorable daughter Abby a squeeze.

18. If you could be any real life person for a day, who would it be?
Angelina Jolie because –
         – Brad Pitt
         – World Traveler
         – Millionare
         – Brad Pitt
‘Nuff said.

19. If you could only read one blog other than your own for the rest of time, which would it be and why?
This was a loaded question because I know so many bloggers on a personal level and didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I love a lot of blogs. But I think everyone will agree if they know about this one – Nolan’s Story with Ashley.

I really want to find out what happens in their life. If they try again for a baby, how she takes Nolan’s little life and uses his story for an even greater purpose. It was one of my first blogs I was hooked on, and they are always in my thoughts.

Thanks for everyone who asked, I really loved answering all these! Feel free to take this idea and run with it on your blogs – let me know and I’ll be sure to stop by and ask one about you.

Remember – check out my Featured Blogger Tiffany. If you’re interested in being it one Friday, email me!

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    K, can I just say to question number two : Parents have to be JUST as worried (IF NOT MORE SO) with thier BOYS wanting condoms and how to handle it – and I hope I see more parents not keeping that silly double standard around that thier boys can be sexually active at a young age because they don’t have the ability to get knocked up

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