I figured out what an RSS feed is – and I’m sleeping on the couch.

March 14, 2010

It keeps all the blogs you stalk read in a tidy little web page, and as they get updated, you can see what the new posts are. So I no longer have to scroll through my bookmarked page of blogs and click to see if any of them have new posts. Yay! You can find mine on the left hand side of this page.

On the other hand, while I was doing detective work on finding out about being a mommy blogger, I also found out that I do not have meta tags, my blog is too big for Google to pick up, I have no site description, and I am a 0 on Google Page Rank. Whatever all that means. The site that informed me of this seemed to have a lot of red, angry words and question marks. I was actually a little scared of it.

Fixing all that will have to wait until another night. I am sleeping on the couch with Bella in the swing after a 2 hour screaming and barfing session. She’s cutting teeth and it’s awful. She has fussed all day with 30 minute naps. Everything within reach she gnaws on. The preferred choice is my nipple, which is lovely. Nothing says “Breastfeeding is bonding time” like a screaming child pulling as hard as possible on it while face smashing into your elbow repeatedly.

The swing wouldn’t fit through the door to our room, I was making a ton of noise, she was crying to be held (and for a chew at the boob), and Sam has to work at 3:30am. So I chose the couch to give him some peace. He’ll feel awful in the morning that I slept out here. So maybe he’ll be extra nice to me tomorrow and I can take a long nap. Or a drive off a cliff.

Doesn’t teething last, like, 2 years? ::dies a little inside::

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