Monkey Bat Hybrid

March 19, 2010
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I have to share this with you. Bella is obsessed with this thing. She adores it. I think she might love it almost as much as she loves Sam and I. Perhaps more since she can gnaw on this without it saying, “Beastling, you got my sleeve all wet again!”

See how much she loves it? Well, loves to eat it anyway. She’s teething so I think this really helps her gums feel better. And it’s easy for her to handle, so she can shove it in her mouth herself with very little effort.
“Cute”, you might be thinking. We thought so too. Sam and I bought it for her when I was 16 weeks pregnant and visiting San Francisco. It came in this adorable package, all organic materials, folded so sweet. Kinda like this:
Aw. Warm and fuzzy. Then we unfolded it.
Yeah. I thought the same thing. Sam said, “It’s really creepy. Like some kind of monkey bat hybrid.” I wondered if my child would scream in terror when we gave it to her. We got home and put it in a corner, somewhere it wouldn’t terrify us in the middle of the night.
I forgot all about it for months. Then, this week, I stumbled across it in her room. Picking it up, I thought, “Oh, why not. It’s kinda cute.” So I gave it to Bella, who promptly screamed…in delight! She shoved it in her mouth, christened it by puking on it several times that day (I washed it each time, remember – anal about cleanliness?) and proceeded to carry it with her everywhere.
5 days later? I sit here and write this, Sam is watching Mortal Combat (which is why you get another blog post tonight) and Bella is content in her swing.
If she loves it, we do too.


I’m also over at Spilled Milk with Law Momma today – blogging on Mommy Guilt – the unspoken kind. I’ll be back here tomorrow. I’m trying to manage giveaways and guest bloggers/ing with my own blog time – I’ll get it down though!

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