My Auntie can put your Auntie in jail…

March 8, 2010

Welcome today’s guest blogger – my lil’ sister Alyson – Auntie Alyson to Bella. I am so happy to have her share some of the funny moments she’s had while being a police officer. She was a bit nervous to write this – but I know everyone will love it and told her that. Leave her a comment at the end so I don’t have to hear “I told you so” at our next family gathering. 🙂    
     Though I have no children of my own, I have had some entertaining experiences with children in my life. Working as a police officer, I have seen some very unusual and amusing situations. I thought since my sister was kind enough to let me guest blog, I would share some of these with you all.
     One afternoon as I was sitting in my hiding spot, waiting for a speeder…I clocked a nice blue mini van speeding about 25 miles over the speed limit. After stopping the vehicle, I got out to talk to the male driver. The man was very rude and told me that he was not speeding at all. He looked over at his wife and asked her to tell me that he wasn’t speeding. Before the woman could get anything out of her mouth, I heard a small voice from the back seat. I could see a small child, probably around 6 years old, sitting in the back. The child said, “Daddy told the other police officer a few minutes ago that he wasn’t speeding, and the police officer gave him a blue paper and Daddy said bad words.” LOL. Nothing like true honesty. The man turned bright red and started to stammer out another excuse.
     I had heard enough. Turns out he had been pulled over about ten minutes before and given a ticket for speeding. Guess he didn’t learn his lesson…I hope the ticket I wrote him cheered him up.
     Another time, I pulled over a car for speeding and went to talk to the male driver. As I got closer to the vehicle I could hear a woman yelling and what sounded like fifty kids crying in the car. I told the man the reason I pulled him over and he looked at me with the most pitiful expression. I honestly thought he was going to cry. Then I realized why. His wife began screaming at him, “THIS IS WHY I SHOULD DRIVE! CAN’T YOU EVER DO ANYTHING RIGHT?” On top of that I looked and saw five children in the back, all screaming and crying at the top of their lungs. The floor of the car (just what I could see) was covered in McDonald’s wrappers, candy, food, toys and garbage. If I was that man I would have just got out of that car, and never stopped walking. He didn’t say a word to me, he didn’t have to. I didn’t have the heart to write him a ticket…
     Those are just two of the many things I have seen and heard so far in my life and I thought they needed to be shared.
     My niece Bella is extremely precious to me. I just love holding her and watching her grow up. I have to say though, that it also makes me very nervous to ever be a parent. I love when she smiles and is content with me, but when she starts to scream, I have no idea what to do. So I shrug and hand her back to my sister. It’s got me thinking though, if that was my child…who would I hand her off to? I admire my sister and any other parent for what they can do and what they go through. I get incredibly upset when my dog won’t stay asleep past nine in the morning and wants to go outside…LOL.
     So for now…I think I’ll just stick to loving on my niece. 🙂

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