My turn, my turn! ::jumps up and down::

March 4, 2010

     That’s right – it’s my turn to guest blog today. Twice. A double dose. Don’t tell me there’s not a little happy dance going on in your head. 🙂
     I’m guest blogging for Jessica at The Happy Spitter. Jessica was looking for guest posters and I jumped at the chance – I’ve “known” her since our first tri Bump days and we had the same type of pregnancy – really awful. She has an adorable little boy 2 days younger than Bella. I am so excited to be writing for her. Ever wondered why I gave up teaching to be a SAHM? Well, this post explains part of the reason why, as well as the “awful” pregnancy. 
     I’m also guest blogging at the Eco Friendly Family by Amanda, who devotes her blog entirely to being green, green giveaways, and helping others learn how to be more eco friendly. Very cool. I’m writing on a fun, easy way to be green – composting. And if this doesn’t sound like something you would normally read – good. That’s the point. 🙂 Promise, cross my heart, it’s not lame. While you’re there, Amanda has some great giveaways going on. One of them is with the Green Living Community. They’re doing a giveaway a day for the entire month of March. So really, the chances of winning at least one are pretty darn good. And you’re on the way to being more eco friendly! It’s a win win. Win.
     So, key points here:

  • Visit my hosting bloggers to read my posts and check out their sweet blogs.
  • Send me an email to tell me what you think. Cause it makes me feel all fuzzy to get fan mail.
  • Vote for me on Top Baby blogs.
  • Don’t forget to enter our Thirsties giveaway under Giveaways/Reviews.
Perhaps the points are slightly off topic, but you get the gist. I’m always up for you guest blogging or me blogging for you – just drop me an email (I like those kind too). Enjoy! 😉
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