Truth or Dare?

March 23, 2010


So I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but being a new blogger it seemed rather silly. I mean, what would there be to ask? How would anyone know what they wanted to know about me?

Worst of all: What if no one asked anything?

I’m putting myself out there. Ask away. I will answer (almost) anything. Almost? Well, here’s the deal. My family, my nanny kids, and my friends all read this blog. So, yeah, there are some things I will never blog about, and will never answer questions about. I believe some things should stay private in a marriage and in a family.

So – no sex. No names. No telling where I live or what my family members do for a living. (disclaimer – sweet if you blog on these things, they are fun to read about. I just am not going to. No judging on this end.)

But you know what? I don’t mind “out there” questions, questions that get a little personal, even questions that raise eyebrows. That’s fine. I’ll even open it to Anonymous, because a few times Anonymous has been really sweet. If it gets weird, there’s always that tiny trashcan in the corner.

Have more than one question? Go for it. I’ll leave this post open for comments until Thursday. Then I’ll answer them Friday. If there are any. ::crosses fingers::  🙂

*BTW – just googled “Truth or Dare” to find a fun picture of girls in a circle laughing – you know – slumber party style with 10 year olds. Bad idea. I must now go wash my eyes out with bleach.*
*I finally found one. Everyone is clothed. There is no beer involved. Or men with rolled up socks. Or spankings. Thanks Google. For being a giant perv.*
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