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March 7, 2010

     I have some new buttons to click, and we know how much everyone loves that kind of stuff. I’ve added “Featured Blogger Friday” and “Join the ‘Click'”. I also added a few more pics in Life Pictures – they’re down towards the bottom but from now on I’ll try to remember to put the new ones up at the top.
     I have a real treat for you tomorrow – my little sister will be guest blogging for me (nope, no link. I was just wanting to make it stand out so I made it red)! I was so excited to have her do this, ’cause I think she’s super funny and I know you all will too. She’s a little nervous, as she doesn’t blog and doesn’t have kids – but she’s a police officer who’s seen some crazy stuff and a good writer, so I asked her to share some highlights. Give her some comment love tomorrow please.
     On Wednesday we have the (very talented) Metta1313 from 365 days of 30+ Mommyhood guest blogging as well. It is an honor to have her over here. We are blog neighbors, I often borrow cups of e-sugar from her. I also enter her fabulous giveaways in hopes of eventually winning one. Like the one with the baby shoes that I asked for no one to enter so that I could win this time. Thanks in advance.
     That’s about it. Oh, thanks for voting. I’m sticking around up there and it’s really, really amazing. I’m grateful for all the support and love: e-love that is. 🙂 Remember, if you click and comment, I’ll do the same back.

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