Why I cloth diaper and other thrilling tales

March 21, 2010

🙂 Seriously, it’s an interesting story that I wrote for a guest blog spot for Metta at 365 days of 30+ Mommyhood. And it might help you get started if you’ve been at a loss for what to buy, where to look, etc. Or if you just wonder why on earth someone could be so obsessed about things a baby poops in.

So head on over to my friend Metta’s blog and check out my guest post today – it’s up at 7am PST so come back if you’re too early. Metta has an adorable daughter Abby who is close to Bella’s age and lots of great giveaways (I think her new one starts tomorrow). I’ve yet to win one but I can feel it. This next one is it. 🙂 She’s also a wonderful person who has a knack for making you feel like you’re right there with her while she’s writing.

Besides that, there is a SUPER cute pic of Bella there I took yesterday. I mean, cuteness beyond words.
Then check back here tomorrow for “A day in my life”, and a sweet giveaway later this week.

Don’t forget to enter our Thirsties cloth diaper starter giveaway – worth $170!

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