And…we’re off!

April 7, 2010

If you know me, or my family for that matter, once we start the ball rolling it’s pretty much a done deal. Sam and I talked more about moving this morning, and decided to take a shot and see what happens. We figure – if we are meant to move, doors will open. If we aren’t supposed to go, we’ll have to make do here.

I know a lot of people asked about me running a daycare/nannying – which are great suggestions. If I didn’t live here. There are no nanny positions in our town. Ever. Period. So that’s out of the question – believe me, I would be all over it if I thought there was any chance. As for daycare, I could, but it doesn’t really solve anything. I wouldn’t have a car if one of the kids got hurt, and with Sam’s work schedule he’d be home on the days the kids were here – which would mean we would never get a day off together. Also, I did it for a while this past summer and it was rough. I loved the kids, but my house was turned upside down 24-7 and my hours changed all the time.

I think our best bet is to start over somewhere that is a lot cheaper. The town we are looking at has homes as nice, or nicer, than ours currently, for about 1/2 as much as we pay a month. So I would be able to stay at home, or just get something part time. Or…I could nanny there. It’s a bigger city than where we currently live.

So we called a realtor who came to look at our house and is giving us an estimate. We called a lender who is going to pre-qualify us, and we called a realtor in the town we are considering who is meeting with us Thursday. Tomorrow we are driving down there to look around, stay in a hotel, visit Sam’s big Italian family that lives there, and then meet the realtor to look at homes and crunch numbers.

I’m worried that without me working, this may not work. Sam makes enough for us to live comfortably, but I don’t know if that will allow us to have the house we need and want to. I moved a lot when I was little, I really don’t want to move again. I would like to find a place and a house where we stay for a long time. That might mean we need a second income to make that happen.

This city definitely isn’t my dream place to live, by any stretch of the imagination, but it might be where we need to live for now. It’s nice, we are living in a nice part of town, but I don’t see us living there long term. Neither does Sam. However, I have a fellow Bumpie there 🙂 who’s little boy is a few weeks older than Bella, so score already – I’ll have a girl friend, something I have really missed.

So, the trip tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. We’ll also see how Bella does. She’s a routine kinda girl, being out of her element displeases her greatly. I’ll have lots of pics and updates when I get back. I might send a few over Twitter as we go along; the hotel, the homes, the drive. If you follow me you’ll see them (hint hint).

I’m having one of my good friends guest blog for me Thursday morning, she is talking about her love of maternity pants. I still long for my green Gap Khaki’s. Like long for them in a way that makes me want to gain 50lbs just to wear them again. So comfy, no buttons to mess with when you had to pee… ::memories::

Maybe one day. I mean, maybe one day I’ll wear them again because I need to, not because I gained 50lbs. Please come back and check her post out.

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