I’m back in the saddle again. Night 5 and Updates.

April 14, 2010

Or the chair in the nursery. :/ Sleep Training Night 5. I’m not even going to blog about it. It was that bad. She took horrendous naps yesterday, and I just knew we were in for a long, long night. I was right. However, she is still napping today – on hour 2 of her nap. So crossing my fingers tonight is better. I can’t blog about it partially because I can’t remember most of it. lol.

What do you do when your child doesn’t nap? Sam says, “Give her Valarian root!” That’s what helps him fall asleep. I laughed and said it was a good thing he’s not a single dad. 🙂 He also wanted to know if there was some way to attach the paci to her head. So it wouldn’t fall out of her mouth. He was joking on that one.

Tomorrow the 30 days of Thirsties giveaway ends. I’ve been blogging about their company and guest blogging on cloth diapering – how easy it is, how much fun I have doing it, how Bella rarely has diaper rash, etc. I hope if you’re at all interested you click and enter before it ends. Yes, there are a lot of comments but if you don’t enter, you really won’t win. Promise.

And I have a gift certificate giveaway to {Jules} who does beautiful jewerly – like ones with the name/date of your child and a little pearl to go with it, or something for mom, or wedding dates. That one hardly has any entries and I’m pretty surprised.

Thanks for the comment love this morning. I know I’ve been really bad this past week about visiting my blogs I love, it’s tough in between sleep training and the house issues to find time to sit and read – but I’m on a mission tonight to do that when Bella (crosses fingers) goes to bed. But thank you. I take every comment to heart and it helps both me and Sam – I read them to him as well. We have a lot going on and your support makes it a little easier to handle.

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