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April 1, 2010

 If you don’t know my undying love for Thirsties by now, you’ve lived under a rock. I’m having the 30 days of Thirsties giveaway right now, and the winner gets a ton of all things cloth diapering to either:

a. Start cloth diapering with a pretty amazing stash of goodies
b. Add to their cloth diaper assortment

However you look at it, it’s sweet. Do I get anything out of this, you might ask? Nope – I mean, usually I get a cloth diaper to review or whatever, but this one was something I wanted to offer you guys and that Thirsties was more than happy to provide. Because they are an amazing company. So to say thanks, I want to give you a little information on them, as well as what it takes to cloth diaper, the savings, etc. Even if you already cloth diaper, knowing about Thirsties and how they support their workes and customers, and are eco friendly, might make you want to buy a little more.

This is what Thirsties has to say about themselves (an awesome story of a mom who created Thirsties on her own) how they are eco friendly, employ moms, and pay fair wages, and the savings in cloth diapering (take a look and start wondering why you’re still using expensive disposables).


Thirsties® line of cloth diapers were launched in 2004 in an effort to offer sustainably produced and quality designed diapers at affordable prices.  Our mission is to make it easy and attainable for every family to choose cloth while simultaneously investing in our local economy and sustainable business practices.

Erin Kimmette, is the Founder and CEO of Thirsties. As a new cloth diapering mom, Erin couldn’t find a diaper cover that quite suited the needs of her baby, and therefore set out to create her own design of waterproof wraps. The first covers were patterned, cut, and sewn on her dining room table with her secondhand sewing machine and went through several tweaks over the course of 18 months before they were finally released! It was a painstaking process, but all the hard work and innovation paid off and resulted in the best selling diaper cover on the market today!

All of our products are USA-made by a group of very talented women, many of whom work in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

We use only the best of USA-sourced components in order to reduce our carbon footprint, to help support domestic textile mills, and to ensure your diapers will last wash after wash.  Each and every aspect of the design of our diapers is carefully considered and all fabric and components are vigilantly selected as the very best.  Thirsties cloth diapers are well-known as providing the very best in comfort and leak-proof cloth diapering.

Our goal of becoming Carbon Neutral is complete!  We have installed a behemoth of a solar panel array, with a configuration that at full-capacity produces enough electricity to cover more than all of the business’ needs–11 clean, sustainable, photovoltaic Kilowatts.  This equates to a total CO2 reduction of 200 tons, as if we are planting over 7700 trees!

We honestly believe that we are in the best possible business. We believe this because you share in our values for happy and healthy baby beginnings, and by virtue of such you continue the fight for sound futures. If ever you have any suggestions on how to improve our products or the way in which we operate our business, we’d love to hear your suggestions!

Our warehouse is a renovated 1920’s feed store in downtown Cañon City, Colorado.  Cañon City is a small town nestled up against the south-eastern foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  We choose to relocate from Denver over 4 years ago to enjoy the great climate and endless recreational opportunities.  The Arkansas River provides some of the best rafting and kayaking in the world.  The hills that surround us offer amazing hiking and mountain biking opportunities.  If you happen to be cruising through sunny and beautiful, Cañon City, Colorado…we’d love to meet you and give you the tour.  For now, we are happy to meet you ‘virtually’!

How much will I save if I buy cloth vs. disposables?

The answer is Thousands of Dollars!!! Do we have your attention? I thought so. The cost savings depend on what diapering system you are using.

Let me give you some numbers:

Thirsties Duo Diaper: Use from birth-to-potty and save $1400 over disposables!

Thirsties Fab Fitted Cloth Diaper - Butter, LargeThirsties Fab Fitted Diapers: Pair with Thirsties Diaper Cover & save $1000 over disposables!

Thirsties Diaper Cover- Sky Blue, X-SmallThirsties Covers: Pair with basic Prefold Cloth Diapers and save $1900 over disposables!Thirsties Prefolds soon to come!
Thirsties Duo Wrap: Pair with basic Prefold Cloth Diapers and save $2000 over disposable diapers. Pair with Fab Fitted Diapers and save $1000 over disposables!
Thirsties Baby 6-Pack Fab Cloth Wipes

We also figured the cost savings for using Thirsties Wipes:
Switching to washable baby wipes is clearly a simple solution to put an additional $500 back in your pocket!
I am sure you can find a use for that extra $1500 – $2500 in your pocket, and Thirsties is happy to help you do so!!

I’ll be posting every so often a little more on their products, especially the ones that are in the giveaway. If you haven’t entered, but are at all interested in cloth diapering, this is a risk free way to test it out! You can cloth diaper and use disposables until you get the hang of it – and if you win and have no idea what to do – email me! I’ll work with you to get all set up and ready to go. If you want to get started now, or just add a few more items, check out their amazing outlet store at

Good luck and Happy Diapering!

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