Of things to come

April 6, 2010

Sam and I are talking about me going back to work and/or moving away, and the thought terrifies me. I love being at home, but financially it isn’t going to work much longer. I don’t have dreams about “Money from the sky.” That’s what my dad says about people who just sit around all day and wait for a job or winning lottery ticket to find them. He even has a song for it. 🙂

I don’t know what I would even do for work around here. Daycare costs as much as anything I would make, and then to go to work we’d have to purchase a second car. So I’d have to make enough to cover that too. We’re thinking of every single option to allow me to work from home. I’m not ruling anything out except:

a. debt collecting
b. setting up a site for people to watch me gain 1,000 lbs by eating
c. porn

Other than that, we’re game. Somethings gotta give, we can only cut bills so much.

We are also seriously talking about moving. Which would mean he puts in for a transfer, we put the house on the market, cross our fingers and see what happens. That would probably mean me going back to work, but it might mean I could do it part time. And if we played our cards right, I might not have to go back at all. If we did this, we have to do it now. This is the time to get the house up for sale. We can’t wait any longer.

So in the next week or two, we’ll have some big changes. I’m not happy with a lot of them – I love my house, I love being at home. But I would love to live in a neighborhood with other young couples with kids, good schools, and places I could make decent money part time. However, I will miss being so close to my parents. And oh, packing. The dread of packing and unpacking. Which is worse? Un. Unpacking is much, much worse. It takes months for me to get everything in the “right” place again.

I will not dwell on that. I will think only about doing what is best for our family in the long run. Packing is short term.


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