Our house showed and I took a walk in my pajamas

April 19, 2010

That’s right – my morning was insane. I’m in bed with Bella at 10:15am because (surprise!) she had a rough night. The phone rings and I see it’s our realtor, and I figure she’s wanting to know if she can come take pics of the inside of our home today. Only it’s one of the other realtors wanting to know if they can show our house – right now.
I’m looking at myself, Bella, the messy house and beg for a half hour. She says no problem, they’ll actually tell the lady that’s showing it to give me till 11:30.

I fly into the bathroom where Sam is getting ready for work, and start cleaning like a mad person. I mean, within 15 minutes I had sweat pouring down me. Bella is in her jumperoo, Sam’s racing around picking up things, and I’m thinking of all the things I still have to get done in an hour.

I realize the rat is still in our living room. Yes, we have a rat. He’s actually a cute little guy, but at that moment he became all that is evil and disgusting in this world. I pictured people walking in, and seeing him in this massive cage and saying, “I don’t even want to look at this house.” So naturally, I did the calm, sensible thing and completely lost it on poor Sam; yelling at him to get the stupid rat out of the house, that no one was going to buy it if it looks like a sewer in here, that I hated that rat and always had.

This in turn leads to him shouting back at me about how I was such a nut when it came to the house being clean, people would either like the house or not – it had nothing to do with the rat, and he wasn’t going to go through my hysteria every time the house got shown. I scream back that he obviously needs to calm down. Which makes him stop and look me me – twirling around the house with the broom, dust rag, and laundry all sweaty and about to hyperventilate and just shakes his head like, “Yes, I need to calm down.”

We start arguing who left the bigger mess last night, how neither of us understands how the other feels…he puts the rat in the garage, stays there cleaning up for a few minutes, and we both settle down. Then he leaves for work, and I’m better, so we kiss each other goodbye and giggle about what complete freaks we are.

So at this point I have about 40 minutes till the realtor showing our home is supposed to get here. I still have to vacuum, and I’m still in my nightclothes with my hair a disaster, no makeup on, and no shoes on. I know that’s the last thing I’ll do. I start vacuuming and Bella starts to cry. I sweep her up, change her, and put her back down for just a minute, and she falls apart. So I heave her onto my hip, grab the vacuum and start going to town with one hand.

Then there’s a knock at the door. I turned off the vacuum and said, “No, oh, no, I still have a half hour!” Only I didn’t, because there they were on my doorstep. The lady takes one look at me and says, “I know we’re a little early – hope that’s OK!” I mumble something about it being fine, grab my shoes and head out the garage. In my pajamas. With Bella in my arms. I have no where to put her so I put my tennis shoes on over my toes and smash down the backs of them with my heels and strut down the street praying I won’t fall. I looked ridiculous.

I get to a neighbors house, and we sit on their steps and I put on my shoes while holding Bella up with my leg. I walk for a few minutes with her, all fussy because she is tired and the sun is in her eyes, and then we see the people leave so I head back inside. Only then I see in my complete rush I had left the vacuum in the middle of the hall where they had to walk around it, a cord wrapped through the house and the shades drawn in the bedroom so it looked like a tomb. *sigh*

I did my best, I’m sure it was just a showing of homes in the people’s price range so I don’t expect them to make an offer or anything. I felt really bad later on that I didn’t greet them or say anything else to the realtor, I was just so flustered and had no idea what to do with Bella.

We’re prepared for next time though. This was our first house showing ever, and now I know at night to clean up just in case. 🙂 And to also put clothes on first thing, before cleaning.

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