Sleep Training Night 6

April 15, 2010

Sleep Training Update:

Last night was better than night 5. I’m making this short because we have a lot going on. Bella was fussy from 9-11, finally went to sleep from 11-1, nursed at 1. Sam went in at 1:15 and put her back to sleep – in 2 seconds. I call it pure luck. 😉

She didn’t wake up till 5, and then 6, then 7:45am. I did dramatic wake up, nursed, and we started our day. She took a horrible morning nap, and an even worse afternoon one, but finally, FINALLY passed out in the chair with me, then slept in her crib for 2 1/2 hours.

It is not 8:30. She is screaming with Sam rocking her in the other room. It’s thundering and lightning outside so she’s freaked out. 🙁 Poor baby girl.

What I can’t fathom is how at every nap and bedtime she sleeps for almost exactly 45 minutes and wakes up, then yells and cries forever. Like an hour or more. Even when we take turns going in and holding her to soothe her. What is it about the 45 minute mark?


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