Sleep Training Nights 8 & 9 – NO.

April 18, 2010

We’ll just briefly talk about night 8 (Friday). It was horrible. The end.

Onto night 9, last night. Bella went down at 8pm, and woke up at 11:45 to nurse. Which doesn’t count for a wakeup because it’s something we still need to do. Right back to sleep, woke at 3:30 just for a minute, and slept until 6:30am.

NO. Is this real? Did my child really only wake up 1 TIME the entire night? Just to cry, have me rock her for a minute and pass back out for 3 hours?! ::head explodes::

Yes indeed. I am now the proud mother of a girl who slept for 7 hours with one small wakeup.

To top it all off, she then went back to sleep after nursing at 6:30 until 8:30 (Oh, I know, I’m trying to comprehend it too!) and is now in a nice nap at 10:45.


The difference? Yesterday my mom came up to visit, and Bella had gone down at 9:15 for a nap, but fussed from 10-10:30 and then passed back out. At 11:45 she was still asleep and my mom suggested I wake her up since I am having so much trouble getting her to go down for a decent afternoon nap. She would have slept forever otherwise. So I did, and she was actually a really happy baby.
We went to lunch, Bella got a taste of refried beans and demanded more. At one point she became hysterical over not getting beans fast enough and I had to give her to Mom so she wouldn’t overdose on them. (We just gave her a tad to see her face.) I think someone is ready for solids. Mom gave her a spoon to play with instead.
She got fussy around 2, and slept until 5! Then was up until 8 (which has never happened, she’s usually ready to pass out around 7 if her nap ends at 5) and then bedtime.
If you’re still reading this and have plowed through all my numbers, thank you. 🙂 I am so excited – I honestly feel like a new person this morning. No sleeping in the chair, no phantom cries, no going back and forth from nursery to my room – it’s amazing.

I’ll keep posting on this as things change (because I fully understand tonight could revert back) but probably not everyday. Just on the days something major happened and what we did to fix it or why it was that way.

And of course, I’ll be posting in all caps, bold, and in red print on the morning after she sleeps through the night completely.

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