Solids isn’t just what goes in.

April 24, 2010

*disclaimer – I would not be eating while reading this. Enjoy!*

We started Bella on rice cereal. And it was, quite frankly, very cute. Just as cute as every other baby that was filmed and cooed over and smiled at. Except it was Bella, and she’s ours so… That’s right. Even cuter.

I was so proud of her, eating like a big girl in her new booster seat. We now have it on a chair at the table so she eats dinner with us. We are only doing rice cereal for a while, the first time didn’t go to well (barfing) and she has a little rash so we’re watching.

First solids caught on video:

Yes, I call her beast. And no, she isn’t sleeping through the night. I was promised that by a good amount of people if we started her on solids, but it was wrong. Kinda like when everyone told me by 14 weeks I wouldn’t have morning sickness anymore. Hello Zofran in the delivery room.

The next day, I changed her like usual after she woke up in the morning. I’m not saying her dirty diapers smell like a bed of roses, but it wasn’t too unpleasant since she was breastfed. I got used to it and so did Sam – after he gagged a few times.

But this time? Oh, this time was much different. There were chunks and it smelled like something had died in her diaper. OMG. It was too much. The putrid wave hit me as I opened up the diaper and after almost passing out I honestly thought about just chucking it in the garbage can – no matter that it cost me $25. I didn’t want that thing sitting in her changing pail until wash day. I wanted it gone. I couldn’t believe a little rice cereal and she produced that.

Sam said, “I can’t change her anymore, she has adult poo now!”

I talked myself out of throwing the diaper away and sprinkled a lavish amount of baking soda/lavender oil mix over the diapers in the pail. Which made it worse, it was like perfumed poo. Like walking into a restroom that is heavily Febreezed but you still know what happened right before it was your turn.

And now we’re doing rice cereal 2x a day, and I’ve got to find something to cover up that smell in the pail. Usually it isn’t too bad, but once in a while it really takes the (poo?) cake.


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