Throat Punching, Friday Bloggers, and some ::Squeeee::’s

April 2, 2010

Today I’m guest blogging about almost throat punching a grandma at Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom! Alyssa is a friend from my Bumpie days, and we both had pretty rough pregnancies, so it was fun to discover that she too was a fellow blogger, cloth diaper addict, and SAHM. You’re going to love my post on her blog if:

1. You hated being told you were massive while pregnant.

2. You dislike people comparing you to their perfect children.

3. You don’t enjoy being made to feel like you can’t afford things. (Hello Pretty Woman?)

4. You love when your mom sticks up for you. Even if you are massive. And poor.

Also, be sure to read the interview with my Featured Friday Blogger, Britt from Mrs. B, the Princess and the Pea. She has an unconventional family life that she is proud of, and totally rocks it. I loved getting to know her better.

There – happy busy Friday. I have something special for you all coming up Monday that you are going to LOVE ::squeeee:: so be sure to check back!

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