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April 9, 2010

::explosion:: Did you hear that? That was my overworked brain exploding into a thousand tiny pieces.

Here’s how things are going – see the Tues/Wed posts if you aren’t caught up. Wednesday I get a call from our realtor who kindly explains based on the sales in our area, we are anywhere from $20,000-30,000 upside down on our mortgage.
Lovely. Of course, we bought when the market was good so that would explain that. Our only option, besides foreclosure, is to short sell our home. If our lender agrees to that. Which presents all kinds of problems with buying another house, but it’s workable.

We headed down to the city we were interested in, “P”, on Wednesday morning. Visited family, unpacked in our hotel, had a fun night of more visiting, and then remembered that somewhere along the line, I had forgotten to grab Bella’s swaddle. Yes, at almost 5 months this child is addicted to a swaddle. That’s another post. 🙂 So we end up using the Aiden and Anais muslim wrap which she can get out of in a heartbeat, but it snuggled her long enough to get her to fall asleep. She ended up in our bed, and halfway through the night began fussing. I woke up drenched in sweat to find out Sam had cranked up the heater for no apparent reason (he couldn’t come up with one anyway), and it was kicking on every 10 minutes. Bella was so hot I had to undress her to cool her down.

We wake up the next morning with a very cranky baby and plan to go to Target, lunch at Chipotle (heaven in a tortilla), and meet the realtor. We always, always get lost, and this was no exception. I didn’t notice because I was in the back with Bella who was, what else, barfing. I look up to see we’re not in the same part of town anymore, and ask Sam, “Where’s that Safeway the Remax agent is by?” He says that he saw a Safeway and didn’t ever see a Remax, so he kept going.

I don’t quite understand the concept of men and driving. If they miss something, they just keep going. Is it hoping that eventually the building will reappear? Finally, due to my nagging and a tone in my voice that he says makes him want to “gouge his eyes out” he turns around and we head back. We find the Remax and meet with the agent who is the nicest possible man ever. So kind, really helpful and very interested in meeting out needs in a home. He gives us a lot of different options in purchasing, leasing, renting a home, and takes us to see 4 different ones.

The first two are nice, but I’m not crazy about. Sam isn’t either. The third is something out of a horror movie. The outside is so cute and tidy, but inside it’s dark, smells of cigarrettes, and someone trashed it because it was being foreclosed on. We both agreed we weren’t interested no matter how cleaned up it was. Sam said he thought perhaps the Devil lived there from the feeling he had. 🙂

The fourth house is in a cute neighborhood, lots of young couples, recently developed, and the house is just what we are looking for. A 2 story home with a 2 car garage, 3 bed, 2 bath. We loved it. The realtor promises to send us everything that goes up for sale in that area, and we head home to talk.

Part way home it comes out that neither of us can agree if moving there is the best decision. We’re prone, especially me, to jumping into things without thinking them all the way through. Sometimes those choices turn out great, sometimes not. I want this to be a move we both agree on, support each other in, and that is the best choice financially, job wise, for Bella, and for the future. There are many loose ends left about moving to P.

We get home Thursday night and still talk about other options. I’m calling our mortgage lender today to explain our situation and see what they can do. We are also looking into another city, “D”, where I can easily get a job as a nanny  – in my home or someone else’s, take Bella, and make enough to where Sam can not take a crappy shift at work. I’d only have to do it part time, but I’m kinda excited about getting back in the nanny field. I loved doing that. Or do household management which I’ve also done before.

This city offers a lot more for me job wise, which is part of the reason we’re moving. In case we need more money, I need to live somewhere I can go back to work and make enough for us to live. We both know D would do that.

I’m unsure of how to start a short sale process – we don’t want the excess amount the lender agrees to let us get out of to either be considered a part of our income, or to go into collection later on down the road. I’m sitting here, a complete bundle of nerves about calling them. I don’t know what they’ll say but I can only figure they hear this pretty often. 20% of all homes are upside down right now.

::crosses fingers::

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