Hosting McFatty Monday with my very first vlog

May 17, 2010

If you’ve never been to my blog before, welcome! A quick intro: I’m a first time mom to Bella, 6 months, and wife to Sam, and currently a SAHM. However, we’re moving and I have to go back to work when we do. I enjoyed eating as much as possible while pregnant and exclusively breastfeeding, but now that Bella’s on some solids – it’s time to look at my love handles in a whole new light.

I’ve only been doing McFatty Monday for 2 weeks, but I am excited to step into Blair’s fantastic (we’ll say J.Crew) shoes and host this week. This is my first vlog, ever, and I am nervous to put myself out there, but also a little excited. And, if you’ve been following me long, you also can guess what happened when Blair said I could host McFatty Monday. That’s right ::head explosion::
I’m currently using Weight Watchers Online to lose weight. Before getting pregnant, I lost 15 lbs in 3 months on it. This time, I’ve lost a grand total of 1.6 lbs so far – and since at the time of this writing (Sunday) I was too petrified to weigh myself (I explain in the video) you might have to wait until later on Monday to see what I gained back. I plan on losing 18lbs altogether. Perhaps more if this kind of a week happens again.

Having a group of women do this together is an amazing, motivating experience. I’ve been reading up on a few of you off and on through the months this has been going, and knowing that people are checking in, encouraging you, and giving feedback is one the of biggest reasons to keep going.

Please to enjoy the vlog – I’m out of breath because this was take 4, since apparently you need to be smarter than the video camera.

I’ll be making the rounds to visit and comment on yours – I do have some of you in my reader but if you’ll leave me a link to the post in your comment that would help so much.

Much thanks and love to Blair!

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