I still pee in the shower and other fun facts

May 14, 2010

I put out on FB/twitter today about how I wanted ideas on what to post on. And for those of you who still aren’t following me – um, hello? What are you waiting for? Click to the left to follow me on both!

Anyway, Cindy from This Adventure, Our Life (one of the coolest, sweetest bloggers out there) said she would like to see fun facts about me. So here you go – today’s randomness:

  1. I absolutely despise celery. I used to pick it out of soups when I was little and roll it up in my napkin. And I still do. Something about it makes me gag. Raw, cooked, whatevered. It’s nasty.
  2. Drains. One of my number one fears. Bathtub, pool, you name it. If it’s under the water, I’m not going near it.
  3. I literally go shopping on line and put everything I want in the cart, go to checkout, look to find a coupon, walk off for a while, then come back and click out of the page. I get the thrill without spending the money. Although sometimes I do spend the money…
  4. One time I dyed my hair blonde, then tried to give it a perm. The result? Orange, tightly wound ringlets all over my head that when pulled, stretched to enormous lengths before breaking off. I cut my hair down to about 4 inches and cried for days.
  5. I plan on watching Spice World (again) one day when Bella’s napping and Sam’s at work.
  6. I still pee in the shower. (Don’t give me the side eye, you know you either do or want to. I consider it another way to be eco friendly. lol. Plus it was so handy when I was pregnant I just kept on going.)
  7. My dad tried to teach me how to drive a clutch and I lit the wheels of the car on fire. No, I have no idea how.
  8. I have to open my mouth when I put on mascara. I look like a moron.
  9. I have 4 cats. I can’t believe I just admitted that. But there is a story behind each, and we didn’t mean to end up with that many. They are very loved.
  10. I like having my arm/hand rubbed by Sam’s fingertips. He hates doing it so much, but I make him because I love it. I always have.
  11. The way I say hashbrowns makes my friend Jen laugh – she says I accentuate the wrong part of the word. I have no idea how else to say it.
  12. Sometimes I find myself mimicking someone’s accent after talking to them. Then I get a strange look because they think I’m either mocking them or trying to be cool.
  13. I thought I was going to marry Prince William when I grew up since my name is Diana, like his mom. It was destiny.

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  • Ren M

    July 31, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    You make me laugh! Oh and i got into the same habit about peeing in the shower (blush)

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