McFatty Monday – Day to Day Laziness

May 24, 2010
I have the world’s most indecisive scale. So each Monday/Sunday when I get on it (naked and with fingers crossed – you’re welcome for that mental image) I have to step and off about a dozen times before I get a number that consistently pops up after I weigh other things – like the wastebasket. So annoying. I should buy another one but I keep forgetting, and really, I don’t want to spend $$ on a better scale.

Anyway, here’s what’s up this week and last – since I gained back 2oz last week. Yeah – that was odd.

Since you can’t see the numbers, it shows that I lost 2.2 lbs last week and am now at 159.4! I am SO excited. With the stress and all the stuff going on – from the horrible post about me being a lunatic to taking Bella to Children’s Hospital – I honestly expected to either gain or lose nothing. I didn’t exercise, but I did eat right and use portion control. So that must have helped.
I also learned I don’t want to eat when I am very stressed. Like Thursday night, I skipped dinner and just sat thinking about the millions of things going on. And eating was like a bother, I simply had no desire to eat anything.
Of course, since I lost more than 2lbs Weight Watchers warned me that I may be excited, but I am losing too fast and to remember to eat all my points, and to talk to my Dr. about the correct way to lost weight. LOL. Thanks for the advice Debbie Downer. 😉
This week I plan to get moving. Really. I’ve been awful about this because I can come up with every excuse in the world not to get my butt on that Gazelle, but this week that needs to change. I don’t know how to stay accountable for that stuff, the day to day things. And then suddenly Monday gets here and I think, “All that ‘tomorrow’ stuff and now I’m way past it and it’s scale time.”
Ideas for the day to day accountability in exercise? How do you do it? If you aren’t able to get out (one car) and you are constantly stuck indoors due to the weather (still crappy) or wind (it never stops and it’s like the blow-you-over kind) then what else do you do? I have my Gazelle, but we canceled cable to cut costs and to stop watching so much TV so I’m not able to do the yoga stuff I was doing on Fit TV.
Thanks for all the suggestions last week about snacking – it has helped SO much to have things on hand when I get hungry and not let myself get to the point of wanting to eat anything and everything. I even made hummus yesterday and portioned it all out into containers for easy access.
And like last week – if you leave me your blog in your comment I promise to come visit and comment. Thanks for all the love last week, I don’t know where Blair is but she is desperately missed. Good luck this week ladies!!
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