TMB (aka fall from grace)

May 2, 2010

I figured I might as well post on this since many people emailed/tweeted me about it. I am no longer in the top 10, 25, or probably 40 on Top Mommy Blogs. I actually have no idea where I am, because I don’t check anymore.

*gasp* But how will you know how many people vote for you? Or if you are almost to the next spot up?

Honestly, I don’t care. Here’s the deal – my blog is read by mostly other bloggers. Other mommy bloggers. Who are also on TMB. Let’s face it – you’re not going to vote for my blog if you’re competing against me.

I used to hyperventilate over my spot on TMB. Obsessed was a mild term for it. Wake up, check my spot. Plead for votes on FB, Twitter, on here, BY TEXT… It was out of control. I was #8 and #10 for a month or so until the cheating scandal and everthing started over. At first I thought I might possibly have a heart attack or small embolism over my votes being gone.

Then I kept dropping in the rankings and I realized, “Wait, I really don’t give a crap. What was the point of being up there?” I got giveaway and review offers constantly, and it was no fun to sort through them and respond to 25+ a day. I felt like I was tied to my computer all the time. I didn’t get any more followers, the majority of the people that hit my blog stayed a few minutes and left.

I was constantly doing giveaways – which I realized aren’t as much fun as they are made out to be – I’d get a sample size of something instead of the actual product, or they would make me jump through hoops on the review to get all my readers to follow them. I didn’t like sitting all night writing about a product when I had so much else I wanted to talk about that had happened.

My sister asked, “What happens when you get #1?” It was then it hit me – nothing. Maybe bragging rights to other mommy bloggers. Would it be great to be #1? Sure – but after 4 months of blogging I don’t deserve it. Heck, I probably don’t deserve to be in the top 25 after that long. There are other bloggers who are far better than me, and have a greater influence in the blogging community, that do deserve that.

I’m not knocking TMB – I love their site and I think it’s a very valuable resource to get your blog out there. I like the categories, the way they reset so everyone gets a chance to get a little higher next time. Or lower. 😉

But I’m ok with not being on top. (That’s what she said.) It might bother me more if I was a lot higher, but I’m not. I don’t even care that most of the people who read this never click to vote, because that’s not what I blog for. I blog for myself, to reach out to others, and to keep track of my days with Bella. Not for giveaways, companies contacting me to market crazy things, to pull my hair out about stats, or to sit on this all night while my husband patiently waited for me to finish another review. Have I noticed I don’t get as many, “Gee Golly, you’re so wonderful, I love your blog so much,” emails? Yep. But if they only wrote because of my number on there, I shouldn’t have gotten them anyway.

What if you’re crazy about TMB rankings? Have fun – go for it! It can be something that makes your day a little brighter when you get bumped up a spot. Just don’t be like me – obsessive compulsive with getting votes. I had to give it a break and remember why I started writing in the first place. Back to basics. I’m a lot happier with my blogging now, I feel a lot more free when I write, and that’s what matters.

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