What’s wrong?

May 21, 2010

Since you’re reading this, I’m either on my way or already at Children’s Hospital with Bella and my Dad. Sam had to work, and he was really upset he couldn’t be here, and so am I, but we both agreed if anyone should go instead of him, it should be my Dad.

For those of you just tuning into my blog, my 6 month old Bella is a barfer. Like hardcore. She’s barfed after every feeding, for hours, since pretty much being born. It’s been a LONG 6 months with her like this. I have been told it was reflux, it was something she’d grow out of… but it hasn’t stopped. And now with her on solids, it’s just gotten to the point where something has to be done. She’s also really slowed down on weight gain. So we got a referral to a specialist.
You see these pics? Oh, how I love her. I just want her to feel better.
And the hat? The adorable hat? Compliments of an amazing knitter – @bebehblog from http://bebehblog.com/. No, I’m not being paid, and no she (unfortunately) doesn’t have a business or sell these. I just wanted to give her a shout out. 🙂
I’m praying that it’s something so simple with her. You know? That the Dr. we see goes, “Oh! Well, this is what it is, no big deal.” But also that they don’t blow me off as the “stressed out, first time mom.” I just want them to take me as seriously as it warrants. What worries me is how fast they scheduled me when I was first told they had a 9 week wait to get in. The fact that she’s not gaining weight seemed to speed that up.
We left at 4am this morning, and will have a 3 hour drive. We are staying the night – actually not at the hospital unless they need us to – but at my cousins home. Then we pick up my mom from the airport Saturday (she went to sunny CA, so jealous) and head home.
I’m going to try to tweet updates/pics throughout the day since I won’t be posting tomorrow. But if I don’t respond back to you, it’s because I just didn’t have a chance.

So thoughts, prayers, whatever it is that gets you through a hard time, please send it our way.

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