Who I want to be

May 9, 2010

My mom is an amazing woman. She worked full time as a teacher at almost 40 years old during her 4th pregnancy with 3 other children. She’s moved our family many times and kept us all together. She is the backbone of the churches she and my dad have started. She was awarded Woman of the Year. She worked with the governor.

She used to stay up all night and change the cold washcloth on my forehead while I was sick, and then dump the bowl of barf so I could have a fresh one to puke in. (Ew) She sang, “You are my sunshine,” and held me when I bawled because at the ripe old age of 14 I got dumped and was convinced I had died from a broken heart. She was my advocate when other kids were mean to me, and drove me to every event possible in order for me to fit in.

She cleaned my room, often with a large black bag that never was seen again. 🙂 She came to visit me and help me clean while I was on bedrest. She was there when I had Bella, and convinced me that no, I was not going to explode from contractions, but that I could do it. She’s helped me over the past few months when I thought I could not handle another vomit session, when I was so overwhelmed with laundry I couldn’t see the end of the pile.

My mom is an amazing person, because never once has she said, “No” when I really needed her. Never has she left me to fend for myself, or to feel like no one was on my side. She has always been there, always shown up, always stood beside me no matter how terrible my decision was at the time. She might not have approved, but she never walked off. I may have embarrassed her, made her angry, hurt her feelings over and over, but she still loves me.

I know the type of mother I want to be, because I was blessed to have mine show me.


  • sarah

    August 5, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    Bella will feel the exact same way about you one day

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