I promised there would be an ending

June 1, 2010

Remember the posts I did on my childhood friendships, and how most of them sucked after leaving my best friend “E” in New Jersey?

Remember how middle school was hell, but high school was even worse?

Remember how you thought – I don’t think I want to read her sad story any more? 🙂

Well, you need to finish it. I promised I would and now I am. And guess what? You’ll get to meet “E” today. I’m so excited to introduce her to you all.

However, if you haven’t – you might want to read these first to get the background going.

1. Friendships Part 1 – Life fell apart

2. Friendships Part 2 – Life continued to fall apart with a few bright spots

Then come back, and read this. You’re going to love the happy ending. 🙂

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