How do I get my blog noticed?

June 11, 2010

Today we’re talking about how to get your blog out there and get some recognition for it. This is part 2 of our “New to Mommy Blogging” series. Enjoy!

You set up a blog, and start writing, and maybe a few of your friends already have blogs. Then you realize there are like 5 million blogs, and inside you die a little. (I just pulled that number out of thin air, so don’t quote me. But there’s a ton.) So how do you get people to notice yours? To hear your name and think, “Oh yeah, I read that blog!”? We’re all working on it, but here’s some tips to help get you started.

This is great advice from Laura at Melodramamma. She’s been blogging a little while, and has done some changes and tweeks in the meantime to get more recognition. I know her blog the moment someone mentions it, so whatever she’s doing is working. 🙂

1.) I strongly recommend having consistency in your name: same name on comments, blog, twitter, facebook, and email. It helps make it more memorable and reinforces your blog name. (YES. I agree completely – same picture if possible too. I’m not great at this but my name is too long for Twitter. I do things like signing with “Diana @Hormonal Imbalances. Also, put your blog link/twitter name in your email signature.)

2.) Make sure the social media badges for others to connect with you on twitter and facebook are high up on your blog close to the post so that people can see it to connect with you that way. You can also leave a comment at the end of each post inviting people to follow you or connect with you there.

3.) I have noticed on twitter that people who have more followers also follow more people. So consider branching out and connecting with more mommy bloggers. Network. (Follow Friday is great for this. See who your Twitter friends are recommending.)

4.) The more creative the facebook or twitter status, the better. Consider the types of titles you want to visit. Try to make it original and different and to the point. Also retweet valuable or interesting tweets. The person you are retweeting with appreciate your support and others will appreciate you making your tweets valuable: whether that means informative or entertaining.

5.) A great bloggy rule: do unto others as you want them to do to you. If you want help from others, start helping them. Start making blogging not just about growing your own blog, but helping other moms grow theirs. John Maxwell put it well in stating: “Help others get what they want, and they’ll help you get what you want.”

6.) There are tons of mom blogging directories out there. Get yourself listed.

7.) Consider participating in a blogging parade or blog hop. There are tons out there like, Cindy at This Adventure Our Life does a Friday blog hop follow. That’s a great way to find other mom bloggers who want to connect and make great friends.

8.) Be on guard about getting to blog-follow crazy. It can be addicting trying to grow your blog, so try to remember to keep it fun for yourself and write great content that you enjoy, others will follow. I wrote a post about this an Uncomfortable Confession , where I realized my motives became more about growing my blog than enjoying it. I feel that realization helped me keep perspective on why I blog and prioritizing.

9.) A good blog design and layout will also help. There are many FREE templates you can choose from on both blogger and wordpress. (If you want to get a custom one, ask around first. Find a blog you like and contact the author about who they went with, if they liked them, etc.)

10.) Invite others to guest blog for you and guest blog for them. This is a great way to network and share information and exposes you to more readers. *

11.) Comment on other blogs. It’s the start for meeting great bloggy moms and connecting as well as getting your name out there. And when you comment, make it sincere and meaningful. (Next week we will cover this a lot more – very true. Commenting is key)

* More on #10 – the guest blogging. It’s so important to do this once in a while. It lets you get your name out to someone else’s followers, and if you host – their followers come to you. Don’t overdo it – after all, it’s your blog and people click to read about you. But every few weeks it’s great to host or be hosted.

A few tips I think most of us have learned to follow about guest blogging/hosting:

  • Ask about their rules on their blog – do they allow swearing? Are they comfortable with adult topics like sex? Are you? Set your own rules and inform anyone you ask to guest blog about them.
  • Read their blog, and their comments. Get to know their readers. If most of them are single college girls who love to read about going to Vegas for the weekend, your guest post on washing baby clothes won’t be a huge hit.
  • Write up a short introduction – how you know the guest blogger, something about them/their blog you love, maybe your favorite post of theirs.
  • Make sure to link all the way around. Link them if you host their blog post – beginning and end so your readers can go there. And if you’re the one guest blogging, let your followers know where they can find you by linking to that person’s blog.
  • Be timely – send them a post at least the day before, ask if you can include a picture or two and where they should be placed in the post.
  • Keep it a reasonable length. No one wants to put a novel on their blog. 

Stephanie from Mama 2 3 Bears (who I know on Twitter just from her pic) has these tips about social networking:

– You need to utilize Twitter and Facebook for sure!! Join forums (BlogFrog, BlogHer, etc) and respond to things on them. Become a regular. Start your own discussions. I love to use social networking forums and people start to recognize you there.

– If you don’t have a button, make one! If you can’t do it yourself, there are plenty of people who can do it for a small fee. Once you have that you can add it to places like, The D-List, Top Baby/Mommy Blogs.

– There are plenty of places you can have your blog button and that alone will bring some people to your site. This is just a starting point but if you want to get things moving ahead you need to start working on these 2 things now.

Reiterating both Laura and Stephanie – GET ON TWITTER. Seriously, like, now. It makes a huge difference when you get to interact with people who read your blog, and you read theirs. They remember you, they get to hear about your day and what’s going on, and when they read your blog it’s more meaningful. Just a few Tweets a day makes a difference.
You can have both Facebook and Twitter instantly update with your newest blog posts by putting them on

Thanks for reading. Still have questions? Contact the ladies mentioned above on their blogs, or me at hormonal-imbalances at Or leave a comment and I’ll answer back in there to you.

Next week’s topic? 🙂

– Comments, lovely comments.

Can’t wait? Read this post I wrote on it. Next week we’ll have other perspectives as well as more info.

Interested in contributing to this? Have questions on this topic you want answered? Email me at hormonal-imbalances at Even just a small bit of advice is wonderful to get.

Thank you to the bloggers who helped me this week to put this together. Much appreciated!

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