Life on Pause

June 9, 2010

That’s how life kinda feels right now. Like someone hit pause on our life. (Have you ever tried to hit pause on the Wii? Is it just me or is that stupid finger/hand combo so shaky that you can barely get it to touch the pause and it bounces back off?)

Our home has been on the market 2 months now. We’ve had almost one house showing a week, which is great. We have good feedback from the people and realtors that show it. Most want a third bedroom, but hey! so do we and that’s why we’re moving. And it’s not like the brochure didn’t say there were only two. We’ve had one offer from the crazy lawn mower lady, but nothing else.

We haven’t started packing, I’m not looking at jobs or daycare because I have no idea what to look for. We’ve gone up once to look at homes, but now know the area we looked in is much too far from Sam’s work.

One wonderful part is that in waiting, we’ve managed to cut our bills so much that I will probably only need to work part time. That is indeed a huge blessing. Sam’s manager also personally called and recommended him for where we want to transfer to, which was a very nice surprise.

We have to move. I sit here now and survey our home, and realize more and more these days that we simply can’t fit in here anymore. We have stuff piled in our closets and I keep throwing things away but it doesn’t seem to make any real dents. We need a guest room, we need bigger storage space, we need an office space of some kind.

I feel a little lost these days. I’m not sure if I should start packing things we don’t use, or just wait so we don’t have the added chaos of boxes sitting around forever. Sam and I love looking for homes online, but it’s hard to find “THE ONE” (it’s amazing how many of those we stumble across) and then realize we can’t do anything until we sell this one. I have had several people contact me about jobs, but I can’t tell them anything for sure. I took my resume down after a few of those.

I know there is a plan and a time for when this will happen. I just wish sometimes God would get on the same page as me time-wise. I have great ideas, really, he just needs to give some of them a whirl. 🙂

In the meantime, I’m forever thankful I got to be at home with Bella as we struggled with months of reflux. I would have never wanted to leave her with someone while she was like that. She’s hardly barfing anymore, in fact, I have a lot more free time when she naps because I’m not busy doing 5 loads of laundry a day and scrubbing barf off the floor.

She’s also sleeping almost through the night now. She goes to bed by 6:30, I wake her up around 12am to nurse once more, and then she’s asleep until 6am ish. If she wakes up during the night, Sam always gets up and takes care of her. It’s been really nice to have him do that. Then he gets up at 6, changes her, and brings her back to bed so we can all snuggle a few more hours.

So after reading this, I guess pause is an ok place to be right now. I have a feeling that shaky little finger/hand combo will hit fast forward soon enough.

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