I did something scary.

August 6, 2010

I put on the blog FB page that if you leave a comment, I’ll add you as a friend.

And I’m loving it.

At first I was terrified, letting people know pretty much everything about me with a click of a button. But then, I realized that I know you on Twitter, read your blogs, we have kids the same age – why not? Maybe I’ll find someone who lives close to where I am moving.

Maybe I’ll find one of you is an old man with 3 kids, no teeth, a lisp and lives in a basement – hey! – I’m not judging.

So if you commented, thanks for trusting me enough to do that.

Also, Julie from Back to the Basics is our Featured Friday Blogger today! Please check our her interview, and then of course, her adorable blog.

Interested in being the Featured Blogger? Check out how at the end of Julie’s interview.

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