BlogHer on a Budget

July 27, 2011

Today I’m guest posting over at Suz’s Treats about how to do BlogHer (or really any kind of conference) while keeping a bit of a budget in mind. But not the  regular “I bought everything at the Dollar Store and made my own shoes” budget post – something a little more, well, me. Because I don’t do budgets well. 🙁

Suz is just one of my three (awesome, super hot, super smart) roommates at BlogHer and she says y’all. A lot. And let’s face it – that’s adorable. Stop by her blog to see all her photos for project 365, her cooking posts, and the rockin’ cat I wish she could bring to BlogHer.


When I think of BlogHer this year, I think of SHINY. I think of new and things that smell new and light up and make everyone around me ooh and aah over what latest piece of technology I have. I think of people saying, “ZOMG look what an amazing (fill in the blank) she has.”

Sure. Fill that blank in with “rack”. I’m ok with that too.

Because I am a mom in a one income household, wanting all the latest everything is a very unrealistic, often dangerous, little dream.

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