Eggplant Rollups with Ricotta and Zucchini

November 5, 2011

One of my favorite Italian dishes made healthy. This is a simple, clean recipe that is easily put together and served with a side of pasta.

– 1 large eggplant, tops and bottoms removed, sliced lengthwise into 1/4-inch-thick long slices
– cooking spray
– 2 cups canned crushed tomatoes or favorite jarred sauce
– 1 zucchini, grated
– 1 clove garlic, crushed
– 1 cup part-skim ricotta cheese
– 1 1/2 cups mozzarella cheese, divided evenly
– 1 large egg
– 1/4 tsp table salt
– 1/4 tsp black pepper, freshly ground

Combine egg, ricotta cheese, garlic, and mozzarella in large bowl.

Cut off ends, then grate zucchini.

Combine zucchini with cheeses and egg. Add salt and cracked pepper. Mix well.

Slice eggplant lengthwise, then place on paper towels to draw out moisture. Lightly salt both sides and leave for 5-10 minutes, until wilted. Place on sprayed baking sheet and cook at 350 for 15 minutes. Let cool.

Place eggplant slices in greased baking pan. Spoon 2-3 tablespoons of cheese/zucchini mixture onto each eggplant slice. Place on one end only.

Roll, starting at the cheese/zucchini end.

When all the eggplant are rolled, top evenly with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle with dried, crushed basil. Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes.

Serve immediately. Great with egg noodles, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese as a simple side dish.


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