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Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal – Book Review and Giveaway

March 1, 2012

There are books you come across that change your perspective on something forever. Reading Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal by Michael Kelley did just that for me in regards to how I view tragedy and faith – and how they intertwine together.

The book starts with Michael’s 2 year old son being diagnosed, completely out of nowhere, with leukemia. What was thought to be a rash turns into a nightmare that takes years to recover from. During the process, he watches his whole life shift from his dream as a stay at home dad and freelancer to working full time in a job he isn’t sure he wants, so his wife can be with his son and they can have needed insurance.

But while the heart wrenching part of the book is reading what his toddler has to go through for months on end (and yeah, it breaks your heart) the part that drew me back again and again was reading about Michael’s journey from “perfect Christian” with it all together to totally broken mess that felt incredibly angry at God for allowing his son to suffer so much.

And coming to terms with being ok with those feelings.

So many times we are told that faith should just be there. Unquestioned. Never challenged. No matter what life hands you, you need to accept it and know that God has it all under control. Michael challenges that – he faces his anger and confusion and frustrations head on. Finding that faith is work, not something we are born will or can will into being because we want it.

Although my struggle at the moment is with life and not watching near death, this book touched me deeply as I wrestle with the mixed emotions over having twins and the always present thought of, “If I could just trust God enough I wouldn’t feel like this.” Sometimes that’s just not it – and my faith undergoes challenges and emotions to allow it to grow and trust. Not just hand it all over to God and go about my merry way.

Very rarely have I read a Christian book that allows for these kinds of emotions to be ok. For the hurt and confusion of a life changed and altered in so many ways to be a product of faith growing instead of being a bad Christian.

I’m so excited to offer you all the same chance to read his work – and fall in love with their amazing family. 3 of you will win a copy of his book Wednesdays Were Pretty Normal – and the entry couldn’t be easier with Rafflecopter. You can see his video here. When you visit his Facebook page, you can download the first chapter for free.

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