When I don’t post…

March 14, 2012

Sometimes I don’t write on here simply because I am SO ANNOYED with everyone in the world that I know posting on here would be a very bad idea.

Because it would lead me to say things I want to, but know I shouldn’t.

About disliking breastfeeding and feeling like no one understands how I can feel that way and not really care. And still have done it.

About not wanting a natural birth and feeling relieved that with twins an epidural is usually mandatory in case of an emergency c-section.

About trying to focus on the wonderful parts of being pregnant with twins instead of the scary because I know they’re there – I just can’t think about them all the time.

About thinking Rush Limbaugh is an idiot and at the same time knowing free speech has to be free for all. No matter how stupid you are.

About wanting to admit that I’m completely terrified of our next ultrasound for fear I’ve gotten so wrapped up in these babies if something happens I’ll fall apart.

About being annoyed that everyone has an opinion on everything I do lately – and it irks me to no end.

About my only girlfriend here moving away and me deciding I’m over friendships for a while. And being ok with it.

About feeling like every day is exactly the same here and I’m doing something wrong.

About having to justify every decision I make with parenting and pregnancy because someone always disagrees.

About how irritated I am that people I know can come on here and read this every day and never, ever contact me in any way – but feel free to keep up with the details of my life from a safe distance.

So you know, it’s better just not to post. About any of it.


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