April 24, 2012

Your guide to those exciting nine months

I’ve been writing over at Babble’s Being Pregnant (almost 3 weeks!) and my posts there are an extension of here – only sometimes more awesome because I get to do things in their dashboard I can’t do on mine.

Like my post on 17 of the best cloth diapers around – from preemie to toddler. Check out my absolute favorites and the ones I lust over. (Yes, I lust over diapers. It’s strange.)

I’ve written about why I had to stop reading all those baby books. Quite honestly this post came as no surprise to anyone who knows me and how high strung I can be, but it was nice to have someone attempt to diagnose me via Google in the comments. Hey honey – if I don’t read the baby books because they stress me out, I’m probably not going to Google a condition you think I have. Just an FYI there…

I blogged on our boys being identical, the rest of the ultrasound story, and threw in the most awesome pic we have of the two of them with each other.

Then there was my favorite. I put out an invite for any moms of multiples (or to be) to send me their third tri belly shots. They were amazing. You won’t believe how incredible our bodies are, and how each of these moms took their jobs of big babies very seriously. I was honored to get to know and feature each of them.

Thanks for pimping me out over there. I have to do some of my own as part of my job, but really, you guys are the worlds greatest pimps…


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