Keep The Kids From a Meltdown With Disney Junior Apps

July 31, 2012

There are often times Bella and I get stuck places for much longer than we thought we would. Like today at the Dr, I didn’t know that we would be waiting nearly 45 minutes to see our pediatrician and ran out of ideas to keep her entertained when she knew, she just knew, that crinkly paper on the exam table meant something bad was coming her way.

I usually save my iPhone for times like this, if I know it’ll be a while I’ll download a new game prior once in a while for her. Today I had the chance to review a new app from Disney Junior, Jake’s Never Land Pirate School.

While it was a little advanced for Bella (she’s 2 1/2) it’s an adorable app with crystal clear colors. I had fun playing it with her – launching balls to move away dolphins and whales, picking up buoys for points, tilting the phone side to side to maneuver the ship.

Disney Junior App

Bella loved to press the buttons and move the ship (luckily the app is pretty forgiving about crashing into the whales and rocks). It also takes a picture of their face and puts it on a kid’s pirate body for their very own character. Some of the other classes are about using a Spyglass and Pixie Dust.

You can download Jake’s Never Land Pirate School and Disney Junior’s other app Mickey Mouse Club House Road Rally by clicking on the links below, or finding them in the app store.

1. Mickey Mouse Club House Road Rally – iPad only (ages 2-7)

2. Jake’s Never Land Pirate School – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Join us August 8th at 9 PM EST for a Disney Junior Twitter party! You could win an iPad. RSVP at and use the hashtags #spon and #mackidtips.

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A big thanks to Disney Junior for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.


  • Arnebya

    July 31, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    My son (2 1/2 also) LOVES anything Mickey Mouse. I used to feel guilty about having to pull out the electronics to keep him quiet when we were someplace longer than expected. But then? Then I realized that people can probably just kiss my a…um, shut it, because the goal is keeping him satiated, not dealing with whoever might be thinking I can’t keep my kid still without external help. Psh. I’ll try the Neverland app next.

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