Around the Interwebs – Adoption, Cleaning, and Military Friendships

September 25, 2012

So this week and last I’ve been writing other places, and because it’s often hard to keep up I try to do a post over here every week or so linking to them all. Especially with the adoption updates as those are on Babble.

Over at Military Family I wrote about having military mom friends – is it a must? Do you just have them and no others since our lives are kinda hard for civilians to understand? Or do you go the opposite way and avoid other military spouses altogether?

I’m excited to be writing over on Oreck’s new blog Getting Fresh with Oreck once a month as well. I blogged in August about teaching your children responsibility from an early age. And yesterday was a post on how to clean without taking time to clean.

Then at Babble, there was the post about what we decided with the waiting child we’ve been talking about – to pursue his adoption or not? We pondered all kinds of worries and fears and ideas before we made a decision.

I also wrote on the side of adoption that I’m not a huge fan of – why some children cost more than others to bring home and why wait times are much longer or shorter depending on the child. Then there are some great reasons you might want to consider adopting.

Well, there I am. Little bits of life and thoughts all over the internet for everyone to read. This morning was play therapy, right now is nap for Bella and work for me, and this afternoon is preschool. Have a wonderful Tuesday all.


  • Tanya

    September 26, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    SUPER! 🙂

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