Speak Up for Breast Cancer Awareness

October 1, 2012

While I was growing up, my parents were often involved in other families’ lives quite deeply. As a pastor, my father spent a lot of time with members of our congregation, which meant that we did as well. We got to know many amazing people who became a part of our lives.

I clearly remember finding out that several of the women who had mentored me as a teenager had breast cancer. I truly didn’t understand the pain and sorrow that came with this diagnosis. At 15 and 16 your mind is really much too shallow to wrap around very little outside your own life and circle. But what I did know came from my parents and our community as they rallied around these women, time after time.

I watched them go through this journey with amazing strength that I’ve only begun to understand these past few years as I look back. I remember how they chose to be present even as breast cancer took its toll on them. I remember them making their families a priority in the midst of dealing with all the emotions that must come from facing something so completely out of their control. It changed my perspective on how people can handle what life gives them.

Breast cancer has become more personal to me over the years as a blogger. When I click over to read someone I admire and find out cancer has taken a hold of a loved one, my heart aches for them. It’s not fair, it’s not easy, and anyone dealing with it is an amazing person. Woman or man.

Bank of America has launched a new microsite in partnership with Susan G. Komen, Everyday Portraits which transforms a picture and a story into a one-of-a-kind portrait that allows users to honor anyone who has fought or is fighting breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Awareness

When you go to the site, you’ll be able to upload a photo of anyone you know who is fighting or has fought breast cancer, and write their story. For every portrait made during the month of October, Bank of America is going to make a $5 contribution to Susan G. Komen! Some of them have blown me away–aunts, mothers, sisters, best friends…I am inspired by the words and images submitted by the people who love them.

Breast cancer is something that needs to be spoken about. To be faced in our society. It can happen to anyone. This kind of publicity encourages women to not only get checked but to follow through. I’m so thankful that companies like Susan G. Komen and Bank of America support this.


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