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We have a rather big week coming up in a few different ways, which I’m linking to here.

Also? How many times have I written on here about wishing things were nice and quiet for a while only to have life tip upside down? Perhaps God has opposite days and my wishes fall on those…

Anyway, this past week I wrote on Babble about our adoption and the mess that isn’t going to be Korea. :( But hoping so hard God has something else in mind for us with adopting internationally.

Then on Military Family I wrote on vacationing while in the military. How do you plan time away knowing that your trip could very well end up just you and the kids or not going at all if your spouse’s job dictates that?

Then a lot of the time I do short updates on Facebook, so if you have an account and don’t mind the occasional post from me on your wall, you can find me there.

Hoping you all have a lovely long weekend. We plan on going pumpkin picking today, and playing outside in our dinosaur pajamas. Obviously.

Bella and her truck via Hormonal Imbalances Blog


  1. Hi! I am trying to paste this here, it is a question in response to your “ask me anything”…I keep trying to post it there but but it keeps saying duplicate comment, even though I have never commented.:) So if this works, sorry that it is in the wrong spot!!

    Hi there! What a great idea. I recently came upon your blog (have no idea how! probably from a blog roll on another blog:)) and was just captivated and spent hours reading your story of your boys, your life that you have shared etc. I find such encouragement in your honesty of your struggles and in your desire to not give up and follow the Lord no matter what! I hope this question doesn’t seem insensitive, but coming from one who understands all about AA, Alanon, the cycle, the struggle etc; can you share some more about this part of your story. Is this something you still struggle with with your husband? In terms of anger or regret about the lost years or not being able to trust? Are you afraid of him relapsing? Have you come to terms with not drinking? Do you guys pray together and talk openly about this? Again, if this is too personal, please ignore- bc I know it is a deep and very wounded area of life that all this can produce. I pray for you both! I guess mostly, do you live in fear or have fear of him relapsing? Does it consume any of your thoughts or are you at peace trusting the Lord and knowing there is nothing ultimately that you can do except lay it at His feet and go one day at a time?

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