The Elephant in my Head

December 5, 2012

I can’t write lately because there is something that needs to be said and yet – I hesitated so very much saying it here.

For many reasons, mostly a few nasty comments of how Sam and I shouldn’t be allowed to have any more kids because we used to drink.

Lovely. FYI? I absolutely am allowed to have more kids so eat it. I’ll have as many as I want, and I’ll be a fantastic (sober!) mom to all of them.

Anyway, to get it out there – we’re TTC. Trying to conceive for anyone who wasn’t ever on The Bump.

And now all my family and friends are probably like, “EWWWWW now when we see you at Christmas…”

Right now I’m on a less than 2 week wait. I’ve been charting with Fertility Friend so sometime next week we should know about this cycle. We are excited and yet scared to death. I think about it all the time, because really, it’s a huge deal no matter what but after losing the twins this is like – monumental. Seeing that + sign means so much more than a baby in 8 months. SO MUCH MORE. I’ll have to write about it later when my head clears with how this all feels.

So there you have it. Agree, disagree, whatever. We’re hopefully making another baby. I’ll let you know how it goes.

You’re welcome.

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