More Than We Bargained For


Whew. Because talk about some serious stress. I don’t think I could have handled that news knowing the probable outcome.

But – when we went to see our midwife yesterday, we got a little extra something. Because she is freakin’ awesome like that.

I wrote about it here, take a peek.

God is good friends. :)




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    Oh how exciting for you! I’ve been reading your story since last June and recently lost our baby girl after 9 days and I admire how you’ve handled the situation that was given to you and where you are today. Praying for you!

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    That is so wonderful! Praying for you and as always I am so inspired with how you handle things, with your eyes wide open and placing it in His hands. Also, I am LOVING She Reads Truth. I started following it back before Thanksgiving and have really enjoyed it, especially through the holiday season. Thanks for sharing a great community.