The Interview Tonight

Tonight we interview a new sitter. Ours is leaving to head home next week.


Honestly, it’s hard to do this. She’s been with us 7 months, and actually her first interview was the day my water broke with the twins. She’s stayed with us since, been such a rock in these months of appointments and changes. Bella adores her. I trust her completely, and her calm demeanor is always such a welcome spot in our crazy lives.

But we need someone else. She comes 3 mornings a week right now, sometimes more. Both for working and appointments I have to have someone. And with Sam leaving (right after her) it’s even more important to find someone so I can get a break and get things done.

Using, we found someone we really liked initially. There were the usual odd applications like a name and number only, a letter on how one candidate has been a full time nanny since she was 13 to her church, someone else who stated they charted $12 as “mandated by the state.”

What state?

But this sitter seems great, and I’m hoping Bella really likes her. I hope I like her. And I hope she likes us.

I also hope she doesn’t read my blog. Because that’s just uncomfortable. And awkward.

And then I can’t write about it if it goes all wrong.

I mean. No.


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    Oh my gosh, how stressful! Especially because Sam is leaving so close to the same time. When my oldest was One, we moved from San Antonio and the sitter he’d had for 6 months. It was really, really hard.

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    It is SOOO hard to find someone you can trust to care for your kids. It is the #1 most stressful thing to do for me personally. Good luck & I hope your potential new sitter exceeds your expectations.