Let’s Talk About My #AnalogWeekend

April 15, 2013

So Friday I wrote on the last bit of my Hope post on how I’d be joining up with NapTime Diaries and The Tiny Twig (among others) for #analogweeked. Friday night-Monday morning it’s a conscious step back from social media to spend more time with family, writing, reading, etc.

I always want to know how someone did with these things since follow through isn’t one of my top ten best qualities. Especially online. So I decided to share mine.

Friday evening after Sam got home, I thought about what a social media break meant to me. The obvious were no Facebook or Twitter. And no Instagram. I wasn’t sure what else since there isn’t a ton more, so those were the three. I rarely use LinkedIn or Pinterest.

Facebook just annoys me lately, so that one was easy. If I got on my computer I didn’t open a tab, and last month I deleted the app off my phone.

Twitter I use more to publish posts and IG photos than “chat” – so pretty simple to avoid it. I also had deleted it off my phone.

Instagram was a problem. I changed the settings to not alert me of new comments, but the app itself I didn’t want to delete only to reinstall Monday. The app and the use of Instagram at all go hand in hand.

I honestly thought it would be SO simple to not use IG. But just a few hours into Friday night (did I mention self control isn’t one of my top ten best qualities either?) I found myself reaching to check the pictures feed. Weird. There were times during the weekend (like Bella meeting Curious George at a little party on post) that I wanted to update Facebook or send something out on Twitter, but Instagram was the one where I’d take a photo and instantly want to crop and pic a filter and put a caption.

I had to make myself use the build in camera app and that made me all kinds of stabby trying to make the picture one that would eventually fit the IG screen.

By Sunday afternoon, I’d realized a few things. Not having these 3 constantly ding for my attention means I spend longer times doing other things. Reading. Talking with Sam. Watching Les Miserables suddenly realizing 20 minutes of the movie had passed while I was on FB.

And? No one even really cared I wasn’t “on” for 2 days. Shocker right? I didn’t log on to find that my friends had jumped from cliffs in agony of lack of my FB updates, or that Twitter shut down. 😉

What surprised me was not realizing how much I love photos and photography and seeing those little glimpses of your and my life – until it became a challenge to step away. I don’t think of social media as evil or bad, but this weekend taught me where my heart lies a little more in it. There are certain things I refuse to feel “guilty” about liking. I don’t beat myself up about being online for fun or work, because it’s what I enjoy. But I do heavily recognize the need so many of us have to channel a lot of that time into something productive, or heck, something that ends when it should instead of mindless checking and clicking.

All in all, I liked the challenge and being able to find other things to do. I’ll probably do it again.

Also? When I checked FB last night (nope, didn’t make it till Monday) I found that I’d had a post from Babble syndicated on The Huffington Post! So THAT was a great way to end the weekend!

Have any of you done a social media break? How did it go? 



  • Chantal

    April 15, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    I need to do this. This weekend, I should just do it. Why am I suddenly getting panic attacks about it?!

  • Beth Anne

    April 15, 2013 at 11:54 am

    Letting go of Facebook was EASY.

    Twitter? Not a problem.

    Instagram? OMG CANNOT DO IT.

  • TheNextMartha

    April 15, 2013 at 11:31 am

    I haven’t but I go through stages. I love the twitter but the rest come and go with my moods. Spring is my busy season so I tend to not be on as much and that’s ok too.

  • Sol

    April 15, 2013 at 10:54 am

    I disappear from social media randomly throughout the year. Sometimes just a few days but others for weeks. Not just social media, all technology. It is freedom at times.

  • Amber

    April 15, 2013 at 10:46 am

    I’m tempted to give this a try one weekend. It’s such a habit for me to my FB, Twitter, and Instagram feeds (and my Amazon rankings, and blog comment emails, etc…)

    And CONGRATS on the HuffPo syndication!!

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