Men are from Mars

I find my belly button in this pregnancy holds a creepy fascination. It never popped with Bella, just stretched out. But this time around it just might get there. The only thing really not out is the middle but the sides are.

It’s weird.

The other night I was “playing” with the baby as he moved around. Sam and I like to guess which little parts of his we’re feeling. I noticed my belly button was in the shape of a star. 5 points and all. I thought that was kinda cool, and pointed it out to Sam.

“Cute huh?” I asked.

He peered at it for a second and then said,

“It kinda looks like a kitty butthole.”


We have 3 cats. It’s hard to miss when you wake up having them attempt sit on your face.


Now guess what I think of every time I look in the mirror?