How Our Kia Made Moving to El Paso Easier

July 30, 2013

When Bella was 18 months old, Sam received his military orders to move to El Paso, TX. At the time we had a small truck to help us move, along with everything we needed to live until our stuff was delivered, 4 cats, and a rat. While Sam took some, the rest was piled like a tetris game in the back and middle of our Kia Sorento.


Our trip was nearly 800 miles and ended up taking 4 days instead of our confident 2 we told everyone. Heading from green, gorgeous, mountain filled Colorado to flat, dry, brown El Paso was quite the life change. It became slowly hotter and hotter each day, climbing from the mid 70’s when we left to 108* by the time we arrived. Our car took it all in stride; keeping me, Bella, 2 cats and a cooler cold enough each day to make it to the next hotel that evening.

Sam drove behind or in front of me, and one of the best things we’d ever bought for the trip were walkie talkies. It didn’t use the phone battery and had service everywhere. We sped along through 3 states with all our essentials packed in the back – which ended up being a huge lifesaver. We arrived in El Paso at a hotel and quickly realized that finding a home was next to impossible. So many soldiers were moving at the same time as us that homes literally were rented the same day they were listed.

We spent 9 miserable days in a Best Western with our animals and a very cranky, disoriented child. Having the Kia full of our things (pack n play, cat litter, toys, cooler, suitcases, dry food) saved us money and a lot more inconvenience.

Sam and I have fond memories of that Sorento. When it came time to sell it, the dealer told us he’d never seen a model so clean and taken care of. We got our stuff out of it and thought of how it had been the car to bring Bella home from the hospital in, but that had also carried us to a totally new life on the southern end of the country. I don’t know that I could have wished for anything more perfect for the stage of life we had it in.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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