Glimpses {Link Up} Week 3

We moved! Finally! We’ve been loading up stuff all week and driving it over, but Saturday morning was the big move day. That night was the first night in our new home, and we spent the evening unpacking and setting up things to be comfortable. Thank goodness for our friends helping us. We had almost everything out in about 3 hours.

Now there’s just the mess left to clean. :/

No. I do not like cleaning when it’s a mess. I like cleaning things that are already clean. Because I am strange like that.

This photo of the old house being packed makes me twitchy inside. As does how blurry it is.

2013-09-21 09.27.46


Meet the newest member of the family – a little toad that Sam found on a trip he took to New Mexico. We looked up a few different names and settled on Tolva – it means “Hopper” in Spanish. Sam and Bella adore him. I think he’s cute and that the amount we’ve spent on a free toad (that lived fine in the outdoors without a heater and special food) is a bit ridiculous. But it truly does make them happy and Tolva is spoiled rotten.



I’m back to being able to work from the local Starbucks. Today as I write this I put Bella down for a nap, told Sam I’d be back in a couple of hours, and headed out. With Influence this week and our sitter gone the next few after, I need to be able to catch up without being interrupted at home for all of it.



This is the back door to the yard and Bella was holding a tupperware full of caterpillars to feed Tolva. When did she get so big huh?



A panorama of the new house! This was the view from the La-Z-Boy in the corner looking out. I’m just so, so happy here. It instantly felt like home. That’s a wonderful thing for us.



So I’m helping Wendy’s run a campaign for their new flatbread sandwiches. We went to our local one to try the Asiago Ranch and it really was fantastic. Part of this is using video to create a short video on Vine or Instagram to get the word out and have a chance to win $6,000 each week. I decided let the camera roll while giving Bella a bite of mine and here’s what she thought:

You can enter too! After you make a video, use the hashtags #6SecondsFlat and #dianawrote6 when uploading so others can find you. (This video was sponsored by Wendy’s)

Check out Kacia’s adorable little girl Harlow and their video!


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